Missy Moos Burgers – 7 Jun 2014

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Mt Hawthorn (also Fremantle)

I’ve visited and reviewed several of Perth’s gourmet burger bars but have yet to visit Missy Moos Burgers until now. I had made a visit to Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe in North Perth and decided to find a nearby shopping centre so I visited The Mezz. I also noticed they have Missy Moos Burgers which is excellent as Fremantle is a long drive away so after doing my shopping, I popped in to grab some lunch. After surveying the menu, I decided to order the Jack & Jill:

Jack & Jill $15

Missy Moos - Jack & Jill Burger

Missy Moos – Jack & Jill Burger

Premium WA lean beef pattie, crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, warmed caramelised onion, baby spinach & aioli.

Missy Moos are like the other burger bars, preparing burgers on the spot, made to order, using the best local ingredients possible. The menu has mainly beef burgers but there are chicken and vegetarian options available. There’s a kids menu too and they do shakes aside from the chips & onion rings. After a reasonable wait, my burger was brought to my table, knife in the middle of the burger as is customary with some places. The bun was nice, easily encasing all ingredients in the well filled burger. I liked the caramelised onions which were soft and were in a kind of syrup that was a bit sweet. The soft avocado added a real moistness to the burger, with the bacon adding more meat and a hint of salt. The beef patty was well cooked, though seemed a little dry. It tasted nice but lacked any oomph. I was rather surprised by this as each burger joint I’ve visited, it’s the patty which packs a lot of flavour along with the other ingredients which help to add additional flavour. In comparison, I found this burger rather underwhelming, a bit pedestrian, something was missing. It’s filling and enjoyable, but left me feeling a little disappointed.


Missy Moos Food Review Summary

Verdict: First time to Missy Moos Burger bar in Mt Hawthorn where I ordered the Jack & Jill. I received a well filled burger with a lovely bun encasing all the ingredients. The caramelised onions were delicious and the soft avocado provided a lovely moistness and a little bit of creaminess. The slight saltiness of the bacon provided additional flavour, but I found the well cooked beef patty lacking oomph in the flavour department and for me, was rather underwhelming. It was an enjoyable burger but I can’t say it’s one I’d go back for when there are other gourmet burger bars that produce a far tastier burger.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


Missy Moos Restaurant Details

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