Pleased To Meet You – 13 Jun 2014

Cuisine: American
Location: Northbridge, Roe St

From the creators behind La Cholita and Who’s Your Mamma is Pleased To Meet You. I had wanted to visit when I first heard about this restaurant but at the time, they weren’t open for lunch. When I recently checked their website I was happy to see they are now open for lunch on Fridays only. They don’t take bookings so I walked across to Northbridge and was immediately greeted by the staff behind the bar. The venue is a casual space with lots of seating along the bar, high benches and tables, and seats by the window front. The wall behind the bar is stacked with all kinds of wines, spirits etc so I guess there’s plenty of variety on the drinks menu. The side of the bar facing the window is where you go to place your order and is also where the menu is written, just to the left of the alcohol lined wall. Like menu restaurants these days, the trend is towards casual dining with share plates. There are several small items to choose from but they have a few larger serves as well and a few desserts to choose from too. While the menu is supposed to be American, it seems more southern, Mexican tinged with Asian influences. I started off with 3 dishes from the “bread” section.


Duck Taco, Corn Salsa $7

Pleased To Meet You Food - Duck Taco & Corn Salsa

Pleased To Meet You Food – Duck Taco & Corn Salsa

First dish out of the kitchen was the duck taco with a wedge of lime. I squeezed the lime to impart some acidity and the picked up the soft taco. At first the duck seemed a little dry but the delicious sauce and soft taco really livened things up. It became more enjoyable with each bite. The corn has been grilled as it has a charred look on the outside. The corn salsa is served in the taco itself, not separate. Certainly flavoursome.


Pulled Pork Slider $9

Pleased To Meet You Food - Pulled Pork Slider

Pleased To Meet You Food – Pulled Pork Slider

Next was the slider which isn’t all that large. This was really delicious. Once again a delicious sauce complimented the elements and I loved the slight sweetness of the bun. The pulled pork was different to what I was expecting but it was tasty and flavoursome. Very moist, oozing flavour, I loved it.


Beef Tongue Ruben Bao $6

Pleased To Meet You Food - Beef Tongue Ruben Bao

Pleased To Meet You Food – Beef Tongue Ruben Bao

This looked an interesting dish. The “bread” holding this together was unusual. It looks like the dough of a BBQ pork bun but the “bread” isn’t thick or sticky. The tongue has a rich intense flavour and was pretty good but it was the other elements and the bread holding that helped balance out the flavours.


Navajo Fried Bread, Salsa $14

Pleased To Meet You - Navajo Fried Bread & Salsa

Pleased To Meet You – Navajo Fried Bread & Salsa

I was still hungry so I ordered another dish. By the time I got it, I wasn’t as hungry. This dish looked really interesting. A fried puffed bread sprinkled with paprika and cut into quarters. It was served with a salsa which was more like the consistency of a dip. It had cream cheese and tomato and was rich and filling. Really tasty and interesting.


Pleased To Meet You Food Review Summary

Verdict: A delicious lunchtime visit to Pleased To Meet You presented me with several dishes all different from one another, but all packing plenty of flavour. I particularly liked the pulled pork bun slider and the duck taco, like the slider, has a delicious sauce. The beef tongue was yum and the Navajo fried bread was really different. On reflection, for $36 I got the variety but it’s a bit pricey. The idea, like many restaurants, is you order lots of plates to share. While I was happy I could order a few dishes and not be stuck with large servings such that you can only order a dish or too, the small serving portions make it really small to share. I guess each person would get a bite if you had to divide among 4. For one person it’s perfect. It would take a little more effort preparing smaller versions that larger serves but it works out to be bit expensive. Having said that, the 4 dishes left me full and I was more than satisfied with the flavours of the well crafted dishes.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good
Recommendation: Recommend

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