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Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Leederville (other locations available)

Disclosure: complimentary meal

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As per the media release, Jus Burgers has refreshed their menu with some new creations and I was fortunate to receive an invitation from the owner, Justin Bell, to check it out. I caught the train to Leederville where Justin Bell opened his first store back in 2008. The store went on to expand in new locations and aside from his burger chain also dabbles on the side with other ventures such as Snags & Sons (now closed but lives on as a catering venture) and the Spanish tapas eatery, Pinchos, (next door to Jus Burgers in Leederville).

The newly refurbished interior at the Leederville store also comes with a new menu that includes diner style burgers, sliders and now wine and beer. After having a good chat with Justin, Justin picked some items for me to try which I was excited about but I got a bit too excited and ordered too much for me in the end. Justin jumped behind the counter and started cooking his new creations for me.

Jus Burgers - Parmesan Chips, Americano Slider, Pulled Pork Slider, and Spanish Slaw

Jus Burgers – Parmesan Chips, Americano Slider, Pulled Pork Slider, and Spanish Slaw

First up was the Americano in the form of a slider (I wasn’t going to be eating 3 full size burgers!). One bite in and I was immediately transported back to America. The slightly tart pickles, the unique mustard flavour, ketchup, American Kraft cheese which has a flavour very different to that of Australian cheese, and a slight sweetness from the Jean Pierre Sancho buns which accentuate the flavour of the other ingredients. Yum. For a slider it’s really well packed. The Wagyu meat pattie is full of flavour, well cooked, and properly seasoned. I like when you bite into a burger that you get that meaty taste.

Next, I decided to try the Parmesan chips which were very different from what I was expecting. I thought I’d be eating the humble old potato chip with some Parmesan sprinkled on top but the chips taste nothing like that. The strong Parmesan flavour is evident in the skin of the chip and adds a lovely flavour along with the truffle oil.

The second slider on the board is the pulled pork. I’ve been pretty critical of some places where puled pork is served. American meats seem to be the craze and they haven’t been particularly well executed. Here, the burger comes with chunks of pulled pork which do pull apart nicely, are quite moist, but really livened by the delicious sauce. The sauce has a sweetish flavour containing a unique mix of ingredients – gooey cheese, balsamic onions, and a fresh slaw. The pork really has a strong flavour and certainly doesn’t get lost behind the combination of other ingredients. Another hearty burger.

After eating through that, I was getting pretty full but I certainly needed something to cleanse the palette and aid digestion so it was on to the Spanish slaw. There’s a range of slaws on the menu but I really appreciated the freshness of the ingredients in each bite. It’s nice when you eat something and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients lighting up your mouth. The slaw wasn’t swimming in mayo or dressing, but had a lovely light touch of dressing, enough to keep the ingredients moist, but allowing them to shine through. The addition of fennel produces a lovely aniseed flavour which refreshes your palette. A real winner for me.

Jus Burgers - famed Onion Rings, Aoili, Sweet Potato Fries, Aoili & Serrano

Jus Burgers – famed Onion Rings, Aoili, Sweet Potato Wedges, Sour Cream & Serrano

I’ve heard much about the famed onion rings at Jus Burgers, but have yet to try them so I was really looking forward to the onion rings Justin brought out. They’re large chunky onion rings coated in a lovely crumb, deep fried to a deep golden brown colour and they taste delicious! Cooked well so there’s no rawness from the onion but not too much that they disintegrate. Along with some lovely aoili, they go down a treat. Sweet potato chips were the fourth side Justin rolled out and these are large long cut wedges. They’re also perfectly cooked and dipped in some sour cream and serrano are the perfect combination. I’ve had sweet potato chips before and they’re not that great but I liked these ones as the hit of chilli from the serrano and the creamy richness of the aoili provide the perfect partner to the slightly sweet flavour of the chips. A perfect example of not doing too much, keeping the ingredients simple, but partnering them with some nice elements that work well in combination.

Jus Burgers - Shark Bay Prawn Slider

Jus Burgers – Shark Bay Prawn Slider

By now I was getting really really full but I had to push on and one more slider confronted me – Shark Bay Prawn slider. A pattie packed full of prawn flesh was coated in a crispy batter and fried. I had a loud crunch as I bit in and got the strong seafood flavour of the prawn. The flavours of the slider are delicious but I thought this could have done with a slightly stronger chilli kick than that delivered by the chilli relish. The burger takes on some distinctive Asian flavours with an Asian slaw, shallots, garlic, and a creamy coconut dressing, which brings it all together. I really like the crunchy batter. Kind of a take on fish and chips without trying to be.

The new menu definitely gets a thumbs up from me. There are 4 diner style burgers which are served on Jean Pierre Sancho buns, slightly sweet, to accentuate the flavours. If you want more variety, try the sliders instead and pick up some sides and slaws. The new menu is available at the newly refurbished Leederville store, with the other locations to start offering the new menu in coming weeks. Thanks once again to Justin and his team for the invite and treating me to the delicious food on offer. Fortunately the Northbridge location is close by to work so I’ll be popping in there to try the fourth item of the diner style range.


Jus Burgers Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve visited Jus Burgers before and particularly enjoyed the Wagyu beef burger, but on this visit courtesy of owner Justin Bell, he treated me to a sample of sliders from the new refreshed menu, as well as a number of sides. The old favourites are still on the menu and they now serve beer and wine, but I really enjoyed the new additions. The Americano is excellent, a taste of the US right their on your plate with a delicious well cooked Wagyu beef pattie, pickles, ketchup, American Kraft cheese, and mustard providing the flavours typical of a burger you’ll find in the US. The pulled pork packs plenty of bold flavour, chunks of meat that pull apart are immediately uplifted by the delicious flavour packed sauce. The Shark Bay prawn slider also carries a strong flavour of the sea in the prawn packed pattie surrounded by a very crunchy batter. For the sides, the Parmesan chips with truffle oil are unique and tasty, I really liked the refreshing palette cleansing digestive aiding Spanish slaw with a lovely dressing, and first time trying Jus Burgers famed onion rings which didn’t disappoint. The deep golden brown coloured batter encasing chunks of onion rings perfectly cooked, no rawness and not mushy, delivered on flavour, taste, crunch and looks. The sweet potato wedges were a surprise for me, partnering perfectly with the hit of chilli from the Serrano sauce offsetting the sweetness of the wedges. Finally, some lovely creamy aoili to enjoy with the chips, onion rings, and wedges made them taste even better. The new refreshed menu offers plenty of choice among burgers, sides, slaws, and now beer & wine. It’s a cool relaxed vibe to kick back and enjoy a burger so if you haven’t visited Jus Burgers, what are you waiting for?
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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