Koko Black – 7 Jul 14

Cuisine: Dessert, Chocolatier
Location: Perth CBD – 140 William St (also Claremont location)

Popping out of work one day I noticed a lit sign across the road and had to do a double take – Koko Black. OMG! Koko Black is going to be just across the road from where I work. Now I can have chocolate anytime! I rather liked the hot chocolate I enjoyed on my first visit to their Claremont location at Claremont Quarter so after it opened on 4th July, I’m not sure what took me so long to get there. Instead, being chair of our team meeting I quickly shifted the upcoming meeting to Koko Black so we could all enjoy their delights.

When you walk in you will be greeted and can take a seat. Unfortunately the door is left open so on a cold winters day the cool breeze blowing through isn”t too pleasant. The front half of the salon as they call it, is for seating, the counter is on the left, and at the back is where you can go crazy like a kid in a candy shop and drool over the wonderful chocolate creations. The kitchen is to the far left and you can watch through the glass as the chocolate specialists work their magic.

Koko Black - Hot Chocolate

Koko Black – Hot Chocolate

I ordered a hot chocolate and some time later, received a large cup with the designs they do for coffee. I sipped on it and enjoyed the flavour. I remember the last time’s version being far more chocolatey than this but it was a bit too chocolatey so this version was much better. There was also a lady offering samples which was a delicious dark chocolate coated hazelnut.

After our team meeting was over I headed straight to the back of the salon to pick up some of their creations. They have one full display cabinet of hand made chocolates for $2.10 each. Another display cabinet has chunks of various flavours of chocolate. They also have varieties like the dark chocolate hazelnut sample we tried available at a price per 100g. The third display cabinet contains boxed chocolate sets and more goodies to select from.

Koko Black - Chocolate Display

Koko Black – Chocolate Display

I couldn’t resist and walked up and down carefully sizing up each chocolate and deciding which should I take, if I can’t take them all. So I chose the following:

  • Belgian Truffle – The powdered chocolate coats your mouth and presents a strong cocoa like taste before the chocolate outer becomes apparent. Thus is immediately overtaken by the soft chocolate centre of chocolate yumminess.
  • Salted Caramel Truffle – Biting in to the firm chocolate outer gives way to a crack as you break through and discover the soft silky caramel. As you savour this the chocolate outer comes to the fore to present a nice finish.
  • Cinnamon Chocolate – One bite into this chocolate reveals a chocolate ganache centre with a delicious cinnamon flavour with just the right intensity. Perfect on a cold winters day.
  • Salted Caramel – Unlike the caramel truffle the caramel is thick, gooey and chewy. The salt is immediately evident  and then is overtaken by the yummy caramel only for the salty aftertaste to linger.
  • Baileys – biting in reveals a lovely chocolate ganache with a strong Baileys flavour. It keeps building in flavour and is very enjoyable.
  • Java Dark – at first when you bite in it takes a bit of time to figure out what you’re eating, and then, the intense Java coffee bean flavour emerges from the ganache. So yum.
  • Leatherwood Honey – if you close your eyes and slowly savour the chocolate centre, it will taste just like honey. Yum.
  • Caramelised Coconut – A slightly coarse biscuit fudge like centre in the mould of cookies and cream. Yum.
  • Mango & Vanilla – A bite into the chocolate gives a loud crack as the mango cream enters your mouth. A lovely light fresh flavour of mango refreshes your mouth. A little unusual. Not sure if mango and chocolate go.
  • Raspberry Ganache Milk – this one is a little hard to identify at first but then you get the sweet raspberry flavour from the smooth ganache.
  • Almond Praline – still to eat
Koko Black - Chocolate Selection

Koko Black – Chocolate Selection

Koko Black Food Review Summary

Verdict: Koko Black, a specialty chocolatier, serve up a range of delicious hand crafted chocolate varieties for you to take away. Aside from the chocolates on display, they also offer a few savoury items as well as the sweet, along with coffee and hot chocolate for you to enjoy in their salon. The hot chocolate was delicious with a lovely flavour of quality chocolate, although, it’s a bit pricey at $6.50. The individual chocolates are $2.10 each and are well worth the money. There’s other chocolate items to sample including boxed sets. I think having Koko Black in the heart of the Perth CBD will make it super popular. And who doesn’t like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day?
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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