Mr Bun – 11 Jul 14

Cuisine: Chinese, Noodle
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St

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It’s been busy at work so I haven’t had the chance to get out and go for a walk till recently when I stumbled upon Mr Bun which is right next door to Churros Plus on Murray Street in the Perth CBD. I caught up with an ex-colleague and headed there for lunch. The venue is quite small with stools and small tables. The menu is not extensive but as long as they do the dishes served extremely well, that’s all one can expect. Mr Bun is a Chinese restaurant which makes everything handmade, including their noodles. Most of the dishes are noodle based in a broth with a protein. I decided to order the beef with handmade noodles. You have the choice of thick or thin noodles so I chose thick. They also ask if you want chilli so I said why not. They also have a spicy version of the same dish which my lunch partner ordered. We also shared a Chinese burger which looked interesting.

Mr Bun - Chinese Burger

Mr Bun – Chinese Burger

We grabbed a table and chatted and after a short while, the dishes were served. The bun is kind of different, nothing like what I’ve tasted before. I’ve got no idea what it’s supposed to taste like but it seemed fine to me. The filling was pretty interesting. A little bit like pulled pork but really moist and flavoursome. Something quite different which was enjoyable and not heavy.

Mr Bun - Beef with Handmade Noodles

Mr Bun – Beef with Handmade Noodles

The other dish was served piping hot in a really large bowl, as if they just brought a wok out and plonked it on the table. There’s a broth with buk choy, been sprouts, cubes of beef, and the noodles. I expected the noodles to be like spaghetti but thick. Instead they were like ribbons but it’s really really long. I’m not sure if they just put one really long ribbon in the soup because I didn’t seem to find an end. The noodles were soft and tasty. I really liked the beef. It was so tender it just about fell apart! The been sprouts had cooked nicely in the broth, as too the buk choy which was also tender. I really liked the broth. An interesting mix of spices and the hit of chilli wasn’t hot at all, but when you sipped on the broth, the chilli specs seemed to stick at the back of your throat and make you cough.A really filling meal and very enjoyable. For the brave they also serve crispy pig ears in five spice and pigs trotters in five spice. I think I may be back to try those two dishes.


Mr Bun Food Review Summary

Verdict: On a cold winters day I can definitely see myself coming to Mr Bun and ordering a big bowl of flavoursome spicy broth with chunks of oh so tender beef and tasty noodles. This is an unassuming place with delicious food. I think it’s a bit of a hidden gem. They may have a small menu but I really loved the noodle dish which was so full of flavour, hearty, tasty, spicy, delicious. At just $11 it’s a steal. The Chinese burger is quite different and interesting. I also enjoyed it but much prefer the bowl of noodles.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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