Mr Bun – 25 Jul 2014

Cuisine: Chinese, Noodle
Location: Perth CBD, Murray St

After the last visit to Mr Bun I was keen to return and try the crispy pig ears marinated in five spice ($5.99) so I got a serve of that along with the traditional Beijing dry style noodles with black soy bean paste and minced beef ($9.99) for something different. After a reasonable wait, the food was presented.

Mr Bun - Dry Style Noodles and Pig Ears

Mr Bun – Dry Style Noodles and Pig Ears

The crispy pig ears weren’t what I was expecting. They looked like bacon rind and were cold. I’ve eaten pig ears before at the Paris restaurant, Chez Michel, which was delicious so I was wondering how this was going to taste. They were a mixed bag, soft, chewy, kind of crunchy where the rind was, glutinous, moist. There was the hint of five spice as they weren’t bland but at the same time, weren’t brimming with flavour. I assume they were cooked in a flavoured broth of some sort. Interesting, but not something I’d try again. In between eating that, I had moved to the supposed dry noodles which were anything but. Mixed the rather intense black soy bean paste with minced beef through the noodles added additional flavour in each bite. I really liked the fresh greens and carrots which shine through, and like last time, these noodles are so delicious! You can really taste the flavour of them and you just want to keep on eating them.


Mr Bun Food Review Summary

Verdict: I returned to Mr Bun to especially try the crispy pig ears marinated in five spice but received a dish which was different to my expectations, and the picture in the menu. It looked like a plate of bacon rind but had a range of textures from soft and glutinous, to chewy and crunchy. There was flavour present but quite mild. Fortunately, I also ordered a plate of the traditional Beijing dry style noodles which were delicious. You can really appreciate the care they take in making these delicious noodles by hand and mixing the black soy bean paste with minced beef through turns it in to something special. It’s quite a filling meal and while the pig ears didn’t hit the spot for me, the simplicity of this noodle dish shone through. I still love the beef in broth from last time, that’s their signature dish.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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