Royal Siam Kitchen – 16 Jul 2014

Cuisine: Thai
Location: East Perth, Royal Street

Once you venture to an area you suddenly become aware of all the restaurants about. So after visiting Blackbird, I noticed a vibrant area along Royal Street and later read a review on Royal Siam Kitchen so I thought it was worth a visit. From the Perth CBD, hop the free yellow CAT and within a short time you’ll arrive at Regal Place stop and a very short walk from there is the restaurant. During lunch the menu presented is limited but there is an expanded menu for dinner featuring entrees, mains, and desserts. They also do takeaway. Lunch options are limited to a range of curry and noodle dishes so the menu has choice, but it’s not too small.

After a quick look at the menu, I was tossing up between red curry and Masamn curry but opted for the former. After a reasonable wait, I was served a plate of rice and a bowl of the freshly prepared red curry. I was pretty hungry so I dove straight in and smothered the rice with the curry. There’s plenty of tender pieces of chicken and lots of bamboo shoots. The red curry is delicious, full of flavour, slightly creamy, a tad sweet, but a lovely blend of flavours you would expect from a red curry. It’s not as spicy as some versions but that’s OK and I throughly polished off the meal. I was pretty full and satisfied.

Royal Siam Thai - Red Curry

Royal Siam Thai – Red Curry


Royal Siam Kitchen Food Review Summary

Verdict: Royal Siam Kitchen offers up a range of curry and noodle dishes for lunch and an expanded menu for dinner which includes entrees and desserts. I love red curry so I chose that and throughly enjoyed the meal. The red curry has a delicious red curry flavour, slightly creamy, slightly sweet, a lovely blend of spices to deliver an authentic flavour. The meal is pretty filling and great value. Maybe I’ll have to pop in after work for dinner. A lovely Thai restaurant.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Royal Siam Kitchen Restaurant Details

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