Jus Burgers – 14 Aug 2014

Cuisine: Burgers
Location: Subiaco

After the generous invitation by Justin Bell, director of Jus Burgers, where he took me through the new refreshed menu and gave me the chance to also sample it, I was back for more. Under the new diner style burgers, there was one which I hadn’t tried so I was here for the South East Asian burger and more of those delicious onion rings! I happened to be in Subiaco and there’s a Jus Burgers location close to the train station so I made an immediate beeline. I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff and placed my order before taking a seat outside (there’s seating indoor too).

Onion Rings with Garlic Aioli $6

Jus Burgers - Onion Rings

Jus Burgers – Onion Rings

After a short while, I was presented with garlic aioli and golden brown crumbed onion rings. They looked amazing and tasted even better! Perfectly crumbed and deep fried, a lovely crisp batter encasing well cooked onion, seasoned perfectly and with the aioli, even more delicious. The aioli starts to get quite rich and creamy so pace yourself. It’s also not garlicy so it won’t be bad breath for the rest of the day. Quite a few chunky onion rings to get through.


South East Asian Burger $14.50
Chilli relish, Asian slaw, salad, crispy shallots & garlic, coconut lime dressing

Jus Burgers - South East Asian Burger

Jus Burgers – South East Asian Burger

Sometime later, my burger was presented. With this burger, you can choose the protein – beef, lamb, chicken or even vegetarian. The onion rings were proving to be filling so I was glad the burger didn’t look too huge. But I was wrong as it’s pretty compact. The glistening brioche bun looked fantastic, the lamb patty was perfectly cooked, the chilli relish looked inviting so I pulled the knife out and took a big bite. Oh, so delicious! The sweet chilli relish does the trick of bringing all the ingredients together. The lamb is succulent and so full of flavour, the bun delicious. I really enjoyed the flavours of the South East Asian burger and promptly demolished the burger. Rather messy but they provide you with plenty of thick napkins. Then it was back to the onion rings which hadn’t gone soggy and were still just as tasty.


Jus Burgers Food Review Summary

Verdict: After an invite to try out the new refreshed menu, there was one burger I hadn’t tried from the diner style burger section – South East Asian Burger. And some onion rings. The onion rings were perfectly deep fried, coated in a golden brown batter and thoroughly enjoyed with the creamy garlic aoili. But the star is the burger and it didn’t disappoint. You have the choice of protein – vegetarian, beef, chicken, and lamb. I went with the latter and after it was served, my mouth salivated as I dove in. The glistening brioche buns are really tasty and hold all the ingredients together. The sweet chilli relish is THE element providing the South East Asian inspiration in tying all the ingredients together. The sweet and chilli kick adds so much flavour to the salad and Asian slaw, while you slowly savour the perfectly cooked flavoursome lamb patty. The coconut lime dressing adds further zing to the salad and the crunchy bits of shallots and garlic are another surprise waiting to be discovered. A big thumbs up from me. Totally satisfied.
Price: Reasonable (only just realised RAC Members get 10% off at Jus Burgers)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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