La Veen Coffee & Kitchen – 26 Aug 2014

Cuisine: Coffee, Café, Breakfast, Brunch
Location: Perth CBD, cnr King and Wellington St

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Our team decided to hold a team breakfast so I jumped on Urbanspoon to scout for some locations and shortlisted La Veen Coffee & Kitchen and Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall. As they were both on King Street and I had been busy and not taken a walk, I popped out of the office and just managed to get in before closing to grab a quick sighter at their menus. La Veen had a higher rating and a more appealing menu so I chose them for our venue. The next day we headed there. It’s located on the corner of King and Wellington Streets, housed in the old style buildings and as you step in, you notice the high ceilings. You will also notice the friendly staff who immediately greet you with a smile. We grabbed some menus and a table and poured over the many breakfast options, plus the all day menu. La Veen also have a lunchtime menu as well. When you’ve made up your mind, go the counter to order and pay, unless it’s a weekend in which you will get table service. There were a few dishes I was deliberating over but in the end, I chose the Very Berry Waffle ($14) and grabbed a Celery, Carrot, Ginger & Apple Juice ($7).

What drew me to the waffles were the use of cream cheese which I thought was most unusual. I was leaning for a mocha but the presence of cream cheese made me opt for something less milky and more cleansing. After a reasonable wait at the high benches with the kitchen behind us, the meals were presented one by one.

La Veen Coffee & Kitchen - Very Berry Waffle

La Veen Coffee & Kitchen – Very Berry Waffle

I received a decent sized thick waffle that was stiff but not soft textually. Atop the waffle lay the berries and a quenelle of cream cheese. To the sides are a smooth berry cream and a small drizzle of honey. Like the cream cheese, I thought the addition of honey was unusual. After the first bite I could see the creative genius of this dish. The tart berries combine with the berry cream which is not rich but the creaminess of the cheese adds another dimension to offset the tartness and finally the slight sweetness of the honey ties it all together using the waffle as s vehicle to transport all these delicious flavours to your palette. To be honest, I would have liked more honey as there was far too little. The dish needs just a touch more sweetness so more honey than that served would deliver this balance. Nonetheless, I was impressed and thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast. It ate well from the first bite to the last and did not get too sweet or too rich or too tart as you reach the end. It’s a tasty dish that filled me up. In between I sipped on my refreshing juice which was nice. I did pop there later in the day for lunch but I had realised the time, the kitchen had already closed, so will have to return another time to try their lunch menu.


La Veen Coffee Food Review Summary

Verdict: There are many coffee shops and cafes about Perth, but La Veen has a different feel, friendly staff, and a breakfast menu boasting different options. Not being a fan of eggs, I was happy to see that the breakfast menu wasn’t the usual eggs, eggs, eggs but carried other dishes which are completely different, like bagels, shakshuka, and rosti. The latter are from different cultures and it’s great to see this diversity reflected in menus as it’s very rare. For me, while I went with waffles, the presence of cream cheese was very unusual and piqued my interest. Along with a dash of honey, I was wondering what an unusual combination of ingredients to go with a waffle. However, the chefs have done a brilliant job of creating something unique. The tartness of berries, the light berry cream, the slight richness of the cream cheese, and a touch of sweetness from the honey makes this a dish that works wonders. All elements work together in creating a different take on the usual waffle, no one element dominates and I thoroughly enjoyed it along with the refreshing celery, carrot, ginger & apple juice.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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