Lanna Thai Cuisine – 5 Aug 2014

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Subiaco

Courtesy of Menulog, I was offered a voucher to try their online takeaway services which I graciously accepted. There’s heaps of restaurants to choose from and as a first time user, I automatically got 10% off my first order! I had seen Lanna Thai Cuisine in Subiaco so I decided to give them a try. Using Menulog was a breeze – just chuck in your post code, choose a restaurant, pick dishes from the online menu (which may ask you for the protein such as beef, chicken etc, and might ask you for the level of spiciness), finalize order, provide your credit card details, specify a pick up time which can be in the next few days, and you’re done. I got an SMS confirmation for my order and apart from delivery, you can also arrange pick up too. The service is free to use and restaurants may offer bonus dishes or discounts. Lanna Thai turned up on time so I tucked in before taking the rest home.

Lanna Thai Cuisine - Mixed Entree, Kway Tiew Khee Mao, Masaman Curry, Green Curry

Lanna Thai Cuisine – Mixed Entree, Kway Tiew Khee Mao, Masaman Curry, Green Curry

From their extensive menu, I chose the following dishes:

  • Mix Entrees (4pc) $10.901 each of golden parcel, curry puff, fish cake, prawn roll served with sweet chilli sauce.
    • The curry puff had a lovely puffed up crunchy pastry on the outside but a soft underside encasing a delicious potato filling which was delicious. Fortunately the curry puff wasn’t sweet. I really enjoyed this.
    • Next I went for the golden parcel or money bag which contained a very crisp pastry top. The pastry on the bottom was softer encasing a tasty vegetarian and mince filling. Yum.
    • I was glad that a fish cake was included and after the first bite, the distinctive flavours of the fish cake shone through, particularly, the Thai basil. It needed a kick of sweet chilli sauce so fortunately I had some on hand and in an instant, the fish cake was transformed. So tasty.
    • The prawn roll was a little unusual. A cross between a spring roll and a skewered prawn, the prawn was wrapped around with a light filing and the spring roll paper. Pretty tasty. Who doesn’t like prawns?
  • Green Curry $16.50Green curry in coconut milk base with vegetables.
    • With both the curries, I thought the serving size seemed on the small side. Placing the spoon in to the container, there was a good quantity of lamb, but it seemed a little short on the curry side. I would have ordered fried rice but with the two curries, I just cooked some steamed rice instead. The green curry was very creamy, rich, but while I opted for the mild, it really lacked the true authentic flavour I was expecting. Rather disappointing.
  • Masaman Curry $16.50 – Mild beef curry seasoned with tamarind, palm sugar and coconut milk with potatoes and peanuts.
    • A good Masman curry includes potatoes and some vegetables to soak up that delicious curry so the presence of these items meant there was a lot less beef which was well cooked but a just a tad too firm. The flavour of the Masaman was good but needed more intensity and a little more sweetness. Pretty enjoyable but I’ve had better versions such as at Plenty Thai.
  • Kway Tiew Khee Mao $13.50Stir-fried rice noodle with chilli basil paste and Thai whiskey.
    • I wasn’t sure what to expect with this dish so I dove in and started surveying the food. The noodles are nice and soft but the flavour is subtle and hard to detect. It kind of tastes like a vegetable infused flavour, but I think the Thai whisky and the vegetables combine to form this flavour. It’s a little on the bland side and certainly not a dish that will slap you around the face with intense flavour. A bit of a miss unfortunately.


Lanna Thai Food Review Summary

Verdict: As I haven’t visited the actual venue itself, I’m not sure if this is your full blown restaurant or your neighbourhood gem which you pop down for the odd takeaway. Either way, the flavours of the food seemed to be lacking and was kind of disappointing compared to your typical Thai place. The mixed entree is a nice item on the menu providing variety. The curry puff was delicious, and so too the other items. The mains were a let down with the Kway Tiew Khee Mao presenting a very subtle flavour, the green curry was creamy and rich but lacked the flavour typical of a good green curry, and the Masaman curry needed greater intensity in flavour and a little bit more sweetness. The serving sizes of the two curries were on the small side and required more curry. For the price, I thought it didn’t represent the greatest value and for a takeaway, you can do better.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Average
Value: Good
Recommendation: Try Once If You Want But Not Worth Visiting Again


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