Le Vietnam – 19 Aug 2014

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Asian, Patisserie
Location: Perth CBD, Barrack St

Taking a walk around the city on my lunchtime break reveals new eateries waiting to be discovered. So today I popped into Le Vietnam Cafe, a Vietnamese cafe serving bahn mi, coffee, and patisserie items. Due to the French settlement in Vietanam, the Vietnamese have learnt the finer of points of making fine French pastries. Several Vietnamese run bakeries will have an array of pastry items and places like Le Vietnam Cafe, take it a step further by serving a range of patisserie items. They have a range of profiteroles which I decided to have ($3 each) along with one of the icons of Vietnamese cuisine, bahn mi ($6). There’s a variety of bahn mi to choose from so I went with the pork and at $6 it’s pretty cheap.

Le Vietnam - Bahn Mi and a Profiterole

Le Vietnam – Bahn Mi and a Profiterole

Since it was a nice sunny day I decided to take a seat outside on the corrugated iron chairs and tables, the outside area made to look like any cafe in Paris. There’s also seating inside the decorated interior which has a lovely feel. After a short while, my items were served. The buns are possibly made on premises, but wherever they’re sourced, they’re really delicious. The bahn mi is filled with plenty of tender flavoursome pork along with greens, carrots, and cucumber. This Asian coleslaw type filling is a lovely addition to the roll and makes bahn mi a bahn mi. There’s also some chilli sauce drizzled on the side which adds some punch to the meal.

Then it was on to the profiterole, which come in a variety of flavours. They’ve also fused Asian into the French pastry by having a green tea version. I chose chocolate and after one bite, I was loving the lightness of the choux pastry, but it was the chocolate custard which stole the show. This was smooth, chocolatey but not over the top, light, and creamy. I read somewhere that if you have one, you need to have at least 3. I agree.


Le Vietnam Food Review Summary

Verdict: Situated on Barrack Street lies Le Vietnam, a Vietnamese cafe with a chic interior serving coffee, Vietnamese bahn mi, and French patisserie items like profiteroles. I had the pork bahn mi and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious bread holding the Asian slaw contents of julienned carrots along with refreshing cucumber and greens. The tender pork was flavoursome but I liked the chilli sauce which added a real kick to the meal. I ordered a chocolate profiterole which was superb. A lovely light choux pastry filled with a delicious smooth, light, chocolatey custard that made you savour each morsel. So yum. A delicious cheap eat with dessert included.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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