Metro Indian Restaurant – 17 Aug 2014

Cuisine: Indian
Location: Subiaco, Hay St

Thanks to Dimmi’s weekly specials, another 50% off the food bill offer prompted a second visit to Metro Indian Restaurant. I had first visited Metro Indian Restaurant in April this year and the food was delicious but the servings a bit too generous if that can be a criticism. It was pretty busy when we arrived which is a good sign and also shows the pull the restaurant is having on diners.

After having a look at the menu, we settled on a few favourites from last time’s visit and some new dishes:


  • Fish Amritsari $20 – Crispy deep fried red emperor fillets dusted with chef special spices
  • Hariyali Kebab (4 pieces) $10 – Pan fried patties of cottage cheese, spinach, potatoes mixed with authentic spices and fenugreek leaves.


  • Goat Curry $25 – Hot and spicy goat served on the bone simmered in ground authentic spices and pickles
  • Lamb Palak $23 – Lamb cubes cooked in fresh spinach with authentic spices and finished with fresh cream
  • Chicken Tikka Masala $23 – Tender chicken fillets cooked with capsicum and onion cooked in a tomato base
  • Malai Kofta $16 – Homemade dumplings of cottage cheese and potato cooked in rich creamy gravy
  • Butter Naan $5.50
  • Cheese Naan $5.50
  • Steamed Basmati Rice $4.50
  • (Takeaway) Chicken Biriyani $22 – Basmati rice cooked with authentic spices and your choice of meat (also available in lamb or beef)


  • Rasmalai $6 (2 pieces) – Soft spongy cake floating in sweetly flavoured milk
  • Pistachio Kulfi $6.50 – Homemade Indian ice-cream with pistachio nuts


Fish Amritsari

Metro Indian Restaurant - Fish Amritsari

Metro Indian Restaurant – Fish Amritsari

We had ordered this on our last visit so this was a must order. The batter wasn’t as crisp this time around, however, the spice mix they use in the batter was once again superb. The crispy spicy batter encased 4 pieces of perfectly cooked succulent fish. They provided mint chutney as a condiment and it goes perfectly with the fish along with the salad. I really enjoyed this entree.


Hariyali Kebab


Metro Indian Restaurant – Hariyali Kebab

Not to be outdone, the hariyali kebab was quite a find. A nice thin crisp outer layer encased a soft flavoursome potato, paneer, and spinach mix which was delicious. Aside from the mint chutney, they also provided tamarind sauce which combined perfectly with this dish. The tamarind sauce is a little sweet but has a lovely flavour. A great start to the meal.


Goat Curry

Metro Indian Restaurant - Butter Chicken

Metro Indian Restaurant – Butter Chicken

The goat is cooked on the bone which adds so much flavour to the cooking process. There’s plenty of very tender goat immersed in a delicious curry. While the menu description says it’s hot and spicy, it’s not. The flavour of this dish made it the best from all the curries.


Lamb Palak

Metro Indian Restaurant - Lamb Palak

Metro Indian Restaurant – Lamb Palak

I really loved this dish the last time so I ordered it again. The lamb is cooked perfectly and combines well with the toned down flavours of the curry and spinach. This curry doesn’t carry the intensity that other curries can exhibit, but while exuding flavour through the unique spice combination, it’s still very tasty and enjoyable.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Metro Indian Restaurant - Chicken Tikka Masala

Metro Indian Restaurant – Chicken Tikka Masala

The chicken is cooked in a tandoor before being immersed in the curry. The tandoor flavour is evident in the chicken which is perfectly cooked, tender and moist. The creamy curry is also delicious, it’s not rich due to the tomato base of the curry and the onion and capsicum add their own flavours to the dish.


Malai Kofta

Metro Indian Restaurant - Malai Kofta

Metro Indian Restaurant – Malai Kofta

This was the most creamiest curry from the dishes we ordered . Malai kofta dumplings are filled with potato and cottage cheese along with sultanas for sweetness which makes the dish a little unusual. However, the rich creamy sauce counteracts any sweetness and gives another dimension to the dish. This wasn’t bad, I liked the curry but the dumplings weren’t to my liking, not that there were horrible, just a little unusual.


Butter and Cheese Naans, Basmati Rice

Metro Indian Restaurant - Butter and Cheese Naans

Metro Indian Restaurant – Butter and Cheese Naans

I thought I would try a different naan this time around and opted for the cheese naan. Along the outside, it tastes just like any other naan but as you work your way inwards, the cheese becomes evident and is quite cheesy. I’m not sure what kind of Indian cheese is used but it’s quite tasty and great for dunking into any of the curries.



Metro Indian Restaurant - Rasmalai

Metro Indian Restaurant – Rasmalai

I had a small taste of the rasmalai which is a spongy kind of cake that floats in a creamy milky liquid. The rasmalai was quite nice and the milky liquid wasn’t too sweet or too creamy.


Pistachio Kulfi

Metro Indian Restaurant - Pistachio Kulfi - 1st Visit

Metro Indian Restaurant – Pistachio Kulfi – 1st Visit

Metro Indian Restaurant - Pistachio Kulfi - 2nd Visit

Metro Indian Restaurant – Pistachio Kulfi – 2nd Visit

I think they must of read my comments from last time in regard to the huge serving of kulfi – it’s smaller this time around but at a much more manageable level – ie the serving is decent and not over generous. I had a taste of the ice cream which had started to melt a bit but it was full of flavour. I liked the crunch of the flaked almonds.

I did have a taste of the chicken biriyani that was ordered as a takeaway but I didn’t think it tasted like an authentic biriyani. Having said that, the chicken is tender and the rice is cooked in a lovely mix of spices, with loose grains making the dish enjoyable.


Metro Indian Food Review Summary

Verdict: The second visit to Metro Indian Restaurant was just as enjoyable as the first. The service was once again friendly and efficient despite it being a busy night. Plenty of people kept arriving at the restaurant and given the quality of food served as well as the generous servings and excellent pricing, you can understand why. For entrees I really enjoyed the fish amritsari once again, the spiced crisp batter encasing succulent fish with mint chutney was delicious. I also loved the hariyali kebab with the delicious tamarind sauce. The tender goat curry was the highlight for me, and I really enjoyed the milder lamb palak in spinach. The tandoor cooked chicken tikka masala has it’s own unique flavour and was enjoyed with a creamy malai kofta. The cheesy cheese naan was different but enjoyable to sop up the curry and I had a small taste of each of the desserts that were tasty. I enjoyed my night out and left felling full but not stuffed, along with the leftovers in takeaway containers.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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