Red Basil Thai Cuisine – 22 Aug 2014

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Victoria Park, Albany Hwy

I have a more recent review of Red Basil Thai.

My parents had told me about this place as a must visit so I decided to check it out. I walked in at lunchtime and the small restaurant was packed out bar one table, luckily for me. There’s a nice range of dishes to choose from but dining solo meant I couldn’t eat just a main so I went with a small entree of Thai fish cakes and chicken Thai fried rice for mains. I’ll have to pop by again for a takeaway and get some of the mains I wanted to try.


Red Basil Thai Cuisine - Fish Cakes

Red Basil Thai Cuisine – Fish Cakes

The Thai fish cakes were delicious. A lovely flavour of the Thai basil in the soft fish cake which gave it an authentic flavour. Dipping it in the sweet chilli sauce and the fish cakes taste even better.

Red Basil Thai Cuisine - Chicken Thai Fried Rice

Red Basil Thai Cuisine – Chicken Thai Fried Rice

From the first spoonful of the fried rice, I loved it. Full of flavour and distinctive from the Chinese version, this was very enjoyable. I was taken aback at the very generous serving and there’s plenty of finely sliced strips of chicken. What I found surprising was after I ate a few of the cucumber slices (after dipping them in a little sweet chilli sauce), the cucumber of course is very refreshing, but after going back to eating the fried rice, my taste buds came alive again and I could really taste the delicious flavours of the Thai fried rice. So delicious and really full.


Red Basil Food Review Summary

Verdict: Red Basil Thai is a small Thai restaurant that is obviously popular with the local lunchtime crowd as it was packed out. There’s a nice range of dishes to choose from and takeaway is available. I chose Thai fish cakes as an entree which was delicious, especially after being dipped into the sweet chilli sauce. For mains, I chose chicken Thai fried rice which came piled on a plate. The fried rice had a distinctive flavour from the Chinese version and this dish was delicious, I couldn’t get enough. Really enjoyable and flavoursome and oh so full. Cash only.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Red Basil Thai Cuisine Restaurant Details

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