The Belasyse – 26 Aug 2014

Cuisine: American, Tapas, Spanish, Wine Bar, Breakfast
Location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane

I was pretty full after breakfast at La Veen and time had slipped by well into the afternoon and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I did return to La Veen but the kitchen had closed. So, disappointed, I decided to walk to Shafto Lane and pay a visit to The Belasyse. They opened in November last year, replacing Shafto’s Cafe which I had visited before. At The Belasyse they serve breakfast, coffee and little snacks at The Mistress Cafe which is inside the restaurant but has an outside facing. For lunch the menu takes on an American flavour via the rolls, sandwiches, and burgers. They also have a range of raw foods, pizzas and dessert. For dinner, the American style items are replaced with European tapas style dishes.

There’s plenty of seating both indoor and outside in the courtyard. Being such a lovely day I chose a table outside and looked at the menu. I chose the “Slow porky” Pork sandwich – pulled pork, shaved white cabbage, green apple, herb mayonnaise on ciabatta with hand cut fries for $16.

The Belayse - Pulled Pork Sandwich

The Belayse – Pulled Pork Sandwich

The pulled pork was very moist and pulled apart easily. It’s texture was akin to tinned tuna. They’ve prepared the pulled pork perfectly, cooked long and slow but I thought it lacked a sauce to uplift the flavour. For the choice of ingredients they’ve selected, a smoky BBQ sauce would be out of place, but they could have chosen a slightly sweet spiced sauce instead. However, they have prepared a herbed mayo to add moisture and flavour to the dry cabbage and to tie in the julienned apple. This combination of elements works very well and pork and apple are an excellent pairing. I feel they’ve tried to let the flavour of the pork shine through with the apple cabbage mayo element, but still feel the dish could have been enhanced with a sauce that wouldn’t overpower the pork but compliment it. The chips were okay but actually got better. There was something about the soft warm fluffy potato that made them very moorish and kept you coming back for more. The house made tomato sauce was a little unusual though. It’s kind of like they added apple juice or something like that to the sauce as it had a slightly unusual flavour.


The Belasyse Food Review Summary

Verdict: The Belasyse is another offering on the popular Shafto Lane offering a casual vibe and atmosphere with The Mistress Cafe providing breakfast, coffee and snacks inside the main restaurant, while The Belasyse provides lunch and dinner options. The lunch menu takes on an American theme with pulled pork, New York corned beef. and salmon bagels gracing the menu. Being a big fan of pulled pork, I was hoping this version would relive my US travel memories, but while providing perfectly prepared soft, moist, pulled pork, the overall meal lacked punch and flavour. They’ve chosen to pair pork with apple via a julienned apple and cabbage with a lovely herbed mayo providing moisture to the greens, but the absence of a sauce to compliment the pork let the open sandwich down. The chips were average but the soft warm fluffy potato had a certain likeness which were enjoyed with a rather unusual tomato sauce. A few tweaks and the meal can fulfil it’s true potential.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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