Bangkok On William – 23 Sep 2014

Cuisine: Thai
Location: Northbridge – William Street

I have a more recent food review of Bangkok On William.

I was looking through the newspaper and came across an ad for a new restaurant I hadn’t heard of – Bangkok on William. It also had 20% off so I had a look on Urbanspooon to see if it was any good and decided to give it a go. I headed there for dinner after work and entered the smartly designed interior with a big chandelier hanging from the high ceiling. We were greeted by the friendly staff and taken to our table. The restaurant has only been open a little over a month so it’s an unknown restaurant but I’m sure it will get a following as more people find out about it.

Bangkok On William - Interior

Bangkok On William – Interior

They were already prepared with the menus neatly stacked on our table. There’s quite a number of dishes to choose from so we settled on the following:


Fish Cakes (4 pieces) $10
Fresh ground fish, combined with chilli paste, bean deep fried, served with cucumber sauce

Bangkok On William - Fish Cakes

Bangkok On William – Fish Cakes

You can’t go past fish cakes at a Thai restaurant so we ordered a serve of these. The outside of the fish cakes had a slight skin encasing the soft fish mixed in with Thai ingredients. With a dash of sweet chilli cucumber sauce, they were delicious. It’s great to also have the salad mixed with a bit of sweet chilli sauce.


Goong Keaw (Stuffed Prawns) (4 pieces) $12
Prawn cutlet stuff with minced prawns, chicken, wrapped in spring roll crepes, deep fried, and served with sweet chilli sauce

Bangkok On William - Stuffed Prawns

Bangkok On William – Stuffed Prawns

This looked like a really interesting entree so we ordered a serve of the stuffed prawns. Very crunchy exterior due to the rice paper which they use to make spring rolls. The filling was delicious. It contained minced prawns and chicken with a lovely blend of Thai flavours and it was moist. This was excellent.


Chicken Pad Prik Thai On (Green Peppercorn Stir Fry) $20
Stir-fried green peppercorns with fresh chllli, bamboo shoots, lime leaves, basil, capsicum, and chilli paste

Bangkok On William - Chicken Pad Prik Thai On

Bangkok On William – Chicken Pad Prik Thai On

The sauce looks like a creamy curry and it was delicious. Plenty of tender pieces of chicken, with the green peppercorns presenting a slightly peppery flavour. The lime leaves presented a slight acidic touch to the curry which I enjoyed with steamed rice.


Pla Sam Rod – Deep Fried Fish Fillet $26
Deep fried fish garnished with a spicy sweet and sour sauce

Bangkok On William - Pla Sam Rod Fish

Bangkok On William – Pla Sam Rod Fish

The dish description reminded me of the whole fish I ate in Auckland at Live Fish Seafood Restaurant. This dish is available as a whole fish or as a fillet. We opted for the latter. When served, the fish had a light batter and wasn’t deep fried for too long as it had a pale exterior. The sauce looks like sweet chilli but is more chilli than sweet. It does have a bite which makes things interesting and also breaks the pattern of the prior entrees which had the sweet chilli sauce. This was a really nice dish with light tender fish, though, I would have liked some more crunch to the dish – ie fry the fish a bit longer.


Pad Thai Noodles – Chicken – $17

Bangkok On William - Pad Thai

Bangkok On William – Pad Thai

Who doesn’t like a good pad thai? I love it and the version presented was excellent. Just the right amount of sweetness, a tad bit of crunch from the finely crushed peanuts, the soft silken noodles with tender slices of chicken and fried tofu. Seemed to be missing a lemon wedge for a touch of acidity but maybe that comes with the dish if you order the prawn version of the dish instead.


Fried Ice Cream $5

Bangkok On William - Fried Ice Cream

Bangkok On William – Fried Ice Cream

I was pretty full after polishing off the remnants of the mains but there’s always room for dessert! I rather like fried ice cream so I chose this and eagerly awaited for the delicious dessert to be presented. I was expecting a slightly larger serving but was glad with the serving size as I was pretty full. In the end it’s the perfect size. The outside layer was crunchy and delicious all the way through to the end. It didn’t go soggy and maintained it’s crunch. Inside lay the delicious vanilla ice cream to be had with the gooey chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts. Loved it.


Deep Fried Banana with Ice Cream $5

Bangkok On William - Deep Fried Banana Ice Cream

Bangkok On William – Deep Fried Banana Ice Cream

Black Sticky Rice & Taro with Coconut Cream $5

Bangkok On William - Black Sticky Rice

Bangkok On William – Black Sticky Rice

I didn’t have a taste of the banana dessert but I had a spoonful of the black sticky rice which was warm, milky and soothing. Pretty yum. It looked a little unusual from the versions I’ve eaten previously.


Bangkok On William Food Review Summary

Verdict: The latest addition to Northbridge, Bangkok on William is a newly opened restaurant serving Thai food in lovely surrounds with really nice and friendly service. Our waitress wasn’t pushy and suggested we order some steamed rice and brought a sufficient quantity for the dishes ordered. She returned at a later stage to offer more for the leftovers which we accepted. We started with fish cakes and stuffed prawns for our entrees which were both delicious and thoroughly enjoyed with sweet chilli sauce. The stuffed prawns were unique, a minced chicken and prawn filling surrounded by crunchy rice paper providing a highlight for the night. For mains, we enjoyed a chicken green peppercorn stir-fry which was kind of like a curry and paired with steam rice, went down a treat. Lots of tender slices of chicken and a flavoursome creamy sauce. The deep fried fish fillets packed some bite with more chilli than sweet emanating from what looked like sweet chilli sauce but was clearly not. A little longer in the deep fryer would have added more colour and crunch to the batter. We couldn’t go past the pad thai and the version presented was excellent. Soft silky noodles with just the right touch of sweetness. For dessert I thoroughly enjoyed the fried ice cream which had a lovely crunchy outer that kept it’s crunch right to the end and didn’t go soggy. A really good night out leaving us full and satisfied.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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