Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub – 17 Sep 2014

Durty Nelly's - BBQ Chill iBeef Short Ribs

Durty Nelly’s – BBQ Chill iBeef Short Ribs

Cuisine: Modern Australian, Pub Food
Location: Perth CBD, Shafto Lane

Today is international talk like a pirate day! I hadn’t heard of it either till my boss mentioned it to me some years earlier. To lift morale around the office and make it a fun place to work, we try to organise activities and events and a day like today is a prime candidate. We decided to have a lunch at Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub, no connection to anything pirate but there’s few places that have any kind of connection. I’ve eaten here on several occasions and there’s plenty of choice from burgers to steak sandwiches; pizza’s; a few Irish dishes given the pub is Irish such as bangers and mash; and then a range of typical mains such as curries, chicken parmigiana, and of course, steaks. The prices are very reasonable and there are specials available too.

I eyed the BBQ Chilli Beef Short Ribs that came with wedges and sour cream. It’s a shame we couldn’t pre-order with a large group but we got our orders through and patiently waited. I was a bit late getting there so naturally, I received my meal towards the end. The wait was worth it as I dived into the generous plate of food. There was plenty of meat on the ribs and it was tender and succulent. The sweet chilli marinade was interesting and added a delicious flavour to the ribs. At times it was like a sweet tomato sauce and at others, you got a bit of a bite from the chilli which kept the meal interesting. A different version to that I enjoyed at Varnish on King which was superior, but this was pretty tasty too. The wedges were plain and disappointing, even with sour cream it only marginally improved them. This was a real shame because the meal was pretty good. I think everyone had a good time and then we headed back to the office for a treasure hunt, dress up contest, and pirate’s got talent.


Durty Nelly’s Food Review Summary

Verdict: Durty Nelly’s offers up some pretty hearty pub food. Today was no exception with delicious BBQ Chilli Beef Short Ribs that were packed with meat and had a lovely chilli marinade that packed some bite. Along with the wedges which were a bit disappointing, even despite a dunk into the sour cream, the meal was pretty good and left me pretty stuffed.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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