Red Basil Thai Cuisine – 13 Sep 2014

Cuisine: Thai
Victoria Park, Albany Hwy

After my first visit to Red Basil Thai as a dine in patron, I vowed to return to try more of their dishes which come recommended by my parents so I popped in for a takeaway order. My stomach was grumbling so I placed my order and then had to kill 20 minutes while the food was being prepared. With nothing to do I took a stroll around the area, stopping by and discovering some interesting restaurants as I carefully examined the menus posted on the front windows. I think I’ll be making several special trips to the Albany Highway cafe strip!

After I picked up the order and drove home to eagerly dive in to the awaiting food, I was pleased that they had separated some of the deep fried dishes so they wouldn’t go soggy in the sauce.


Satay Chicken Skewers (2) @ $6

Red Basil Thai - Satay Chicken Skewers

Red Basil Thai – Satay Chicken Skewers

Lovely tender chicken enjoyed throughly with a delicious peanut sauce. I love satay chicken and this hit the spot. It would be great if they could impart a strong smokey grilled flavour into the chicken aka the food stalls at the Twilight Markets but I was more than pleased with this offering.


Tamarind Fish $14.50

Red Basil Thai - Tamarind Fish

Red Basil Thai – Tamarind Fish

One of the chef’s specials, tender, succulent pieces of fish are deep fried in a light batter and served with a sweet tamarind sauce. Fortunately, they put the deep fried fish into a paper bag and gave a separate container with the sauce. The fish was delightful, soft, tender, crunchy and dipping it in the tamarind sauce makes it so delicious. The tamarind sauce is a little sweet so dipping it in with a gentle coating on one side imparts just enough sauce to enjoy the fish and enjoy I did.


Garlic Chilli Chicken $13.50

Red Basil Thai - Garlic Chilli Chicken

Red Basil Thai – Garlic Chilli Chicken

Another of the chef’s specials, this dish served up plenty of deep fried chicken covered in garlic. It was nice and crunchy, tender, and there was enough garlic to impart a subtle flavour without it being smothered in garlic. I really enjoyed this and just kept on eating it.


Masaman Beef Curry $14.50

Slowly cooked beef in Thai masaman curry paste with coconut milk, onions, potatoes and peanut

Red Basi lThai - Masaman Beef Curry

Red Basi lThai – Masaman Beef Curry

I really love a good Masaman curry but this didn’t hit the mark unfortunately. There was plenty of generous chunks of beef, some a little overdone, others succulent, but it broke apart easily. Along with some chunks of carrot and potato which had absorbed the lovely curry, it was the lack of curry which disappointed me. The flavour was pretty good but there just wasn’t enough of it. I wish they had given a deeper container or included additional curry in a smaller container as the curry is what makes this dish. The lack of it made eating the dish with steamed rice a little dry for the quantity of beef present. More curry and it would have been far more enjoyable. I also didn’t care for the peanuts which spoil the flavours of the dish and present an unneeded textual crunch to a dish which is smooth and creamy.


Red Basil Food Review Summary

Verdict: Second visit to Red Basil Thai, but for takeaway so I could order more dishes and have more variety. I ordered satay chicken skewers, tamarind fish, garlic chicken, and Masaman beef curry. I was famished and really enjoyed the tender chicken skewers covered in satay sauce. The crunchy batter encasing the succulent, perfectly cooked tender fish in a sweet tamarind sauce was so delicious. Next up, the deep fried chicken covered in garlic was excellent. The garlic had infused into the oil and there was sufficient garlic flavour in the dish without it being too intense. The Masaman beef curry carried enough flavour but there wasn’t enough curry which was disappointing. There was plenty of beef but some chunks where a little overdone while others were tender. Apart from the lack of curry, the dishes are really delicious and hits the spot for takeaway. Cash only.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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