Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie Leederville – 17 Oct 2014

Cuisine: Breakfast, Bakery, Cafe, Patisserie
Location: West Leederville close to train station (also in Subiaco)

After my lunch at Pinchos I decided to walk over to the other side of the bridge to West Leederville to pay a visit to a patisserie I had spotted when searching for French restaurants – Chez Jean-Claude Patisserie Leederville. The patisserie is not too far from the train station so when I walked in, I had a good look at the display cabinets. There were quite a few people there for lunch with plenty more of the office crowd lining up to get a takeaway lunch. The venue is more bakery and cafe with a variety of breads on one side, baguettes and items like that on the other. Interspersed are a variety of pastry and patisserie items plus croissant, Danish, donuts, fruit pies, muffins, and slices. I settled on the following before heading home:

  • Chocolate eclair – the choux pastry of the eclair was solid but not what I would expect of a French patisserie. The eclair contained a lovely custard that resembled chocolate mousse. Quite nice but I’ve had far better.
  • Chocolate ganache slice – I like the balance of flavours. It’s a very moist sponge cake, not too sweet, not too chocolatey, but with enough chocolate flavour. They really ramp things up with the use of dark chocolate on the topmost layer which adds a strong chocolate finish to each bite. The chocolate intensity is also enhanced by a dusting of high cocoa chocolate.
  • Escargot – I’ve never eaten this pastry and was always put off as the name seemed to suggest it may contain snails! Ok, that was before I eventually ate snails which are delicious by the way but I’ve yet to eat this pastry so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s kind of like a burger. Two pastry slices sandwiching a custard cream filling containing cinnamon and sultanas for that burst of sweetness and topped with white chocolate buds that add a different sweetness. Quite nice.
  • Millefeuille – the pastry contains a lovely custard cream sandwiched between 3 layers of pastry. Each layer contains many many layers of fine pastry to create a wafer in a way. The layers are very firm and crunchy, almost like weetbix. Not bad though other patisseries have produced a better version.
Jean Claude Patisserie

Jean Claude Patisserie


Jean-Claude Food Review Summary

Verdict: I love visiting patisseries to enjoy fine French pastries. I found the chocolate eclair to be a little substandard to the type of eclair I was expecting in terms of the choux pastry. It appeared to contain chocolate mousse which was delicious though, as opposed to a chocolate custard. The millefeuille contained a lovely custard cream filling but the pastry layers were far too crunchy. I’ve never eaten escargot and this was quite enjoyable. I think the best pastry item of the lot was the chocolate ganache slice. It contained a lovely moist sponge which the perfect balance, not too sweet or not too chocolatey. Instead, the intensity was provided by the dark chocolate layer and the high quality chocolate dusting. I’ve visited several patisseries and while this one offered a range of items, I didn’t think it delivered on what French pastries can really offer.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Great
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Worth Visiting Again


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