Johnny’s Burger Joint – 24 Oct 2014

Johnny's Burger Joint - Interior

Johnny’s Burger Joint – Interior

Cuisine: Burgers, American
Location: Canning Vale

The origin of Johnny’s Burger Joint is an interesting journey. Johnny worked in his Mum’s cafe which shut at 4pm but was located inside The Vale Shopping Centre which didn’t shut till 8pm. So he asked his Mum if he could have a go in the kitchen and make burgers. He wanted to make authentic American burgers, full of flavour, down to earth, nothing fancy or gourmet. So after trying different combinations he settled on a version which started gathering a following, so much so, his Mum gave him the cafe to turn into a burger joint. A trip to the US to get the sauces just right and adjust his menu, and Johnny’s Burger Joint was born. It has since grown so popular that he had to expand and has temporary closed with a relocation just a stone’s throw away.

I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the soft opening of Johnny’s Burger Joint in Canning Vale, close by to a few other restaurants I’ve visited previously –  Casa Del Amici and Delhi 6. Johnny’s Burger Joint will open it’s doors to the public on 1 November 2014 from 5pm. Johnny grinds the beef for the patties and makes his own sauces. The cheese is American sourced from an eastern states supplier. The produce is fresh and local, the buns custom made to Johnny’s specs, everything is fresh, nothing frozen. The burgers contain 200g of meat and there is an array of burgers to choose from, plus, a burger challenge for those inclined.

There was quite a turnout with friends and family coming out in support. In no time, long lines formed and the kitchen was under the pump. The menu is extensive offering a range of items that fit the American theme. There’s several items not seen before on Perth menus but wouldn’t be out of place in the US. In fact I thought for a moment I was back there. There were so many items I wanted to try but one can eat only so much. In the end I settled on the cheese and bacon fries with the Troublemaker burger.

Johnny's Burger Joint - Bubblegum Milkshake

Johnny’s Burger Joint – Bubblegum Milkshake

Johnny's Burger Joint - The Big Buffalo

Johnny’s Burger Joint – The Big Buffalo

The fries were first out of the kitchen and gooey melted cheese covered crispy French fries in spots with plenty of bacon pieces scattered about. The chips were tasty with the cheese and bacon providing the salty burst needed. I also had some cheese sticks from one of the chef’s friends who I shared the table with. He also enjoyed a bubblegum milkshake and chowed down one of the specialty burgers on the menu – The Big Buffalo.

Johnny's Burger Joint - The Cheese Sticks

Johnny’s Burger Joint – The Cheese Sticks

Johnny's Burger Joint - Cheese & Bacon Fries

Johnny’s Burger Joint – Cheese & Bacon Fries

After a while, my burger arrived. It looked pretty standard and tasted the same too on the first few bites, but that’s where the deception lay. This burger is not in the form of a gourmet burger. As you keep eating something about it just makes it tastier and tastier. The hand ground beef makes for a tasty beef patty cooked slightly pink in the middle which keeps it moist. I love the American cheese, it makes all the difference. The tomato relish keeps the burger moist and livens up the salad and the onions are cooked just enough to take some of the rawness off. The buns are large in size and high in depth. They’re pretty tasty too and once all the ingredients get mushed together, if all comes together into a gorgeous delicious messy burger. Have a bite of the pickles for that tang and you’ll think your in the US. This is a place with hearty burgers that won’t leave you hungry.

Johnny's Burger Joint - The Troublemaker

Johnny’s Burger Joint – The Troublemaker


Johnny’s Burgers Food Review Summary

Verdict: Not by design, but I’ve been visiting a few burger places of late so an invite to the soft opening of  Johnny’s Burger Joint was just what the doctor ordered. I really liked the menu which takes on a distinctly American theme and offers items that you don’t see in Perth. A diner menu for the day plus burgers which keep on being served well into the night. Nothing fancy, just full of heart and flavour. They look that way and initially taste that way, but with each bite the burger’s ingredients transform into something special. It just keeps on getting tastier and tastier. Wash it down with a milkshake, grab some sides like cheese sticks, curly fries, cheese and bacon fries, chilli cheese fries or grab some buffalo wings, and you’re in heaven. Grand opening 1 Nov 2014, from 5pm at 6/395 Warton Rd, Canning Vale.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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