Maple Crepes Cafe – 11 Oct 2014

Cuisine: Crepes, Breakfast, Cafe, Dessert, Asian
Location: Victoria Park, Albany Highway

I had discovered Maple Crepes Cafe whilst I was killing time waiting for my takeaway order at Red Basil Thai to be completed so I headed there today for a late breakfast. They only open from 10am but they have a range of sweet and savoury crepes that come in hot or cold varieties. They also have other menu items for a difference. Some items have an Asian influence such as the range of bubble teas available.

Maple Crepes Cafe Menu pg1

Maple Crepes Cafe Menu pg1

Maple Crepes Cafe Menu pg2

Maple Crepes Cafe Menu pg2

Maple Crepes Cafe - Nutella Supreme

Maple Crepes Cafe – Nutella Supreme

Maple Crepes Food Review Summary

Verdict: I walked in and a look at the menu before settling on the Nutella Supreme $7.80 – Nutella, banana, strawberry, roasted almonds, oreos, peanut butter. After a reasonable wait the crepe was served. It looked really delicious! The crepe is quite a large size and well packed full of ingredients. The crepe itself is a little overdone, slightly crunchy, firm, leathery in some spots, and yet for the most part, it’s reasonably soft. I would have preferred my crepe to be cooked a little less. Having said that, each mouthful was delicious. The crepe’s filling contains lots of thinly sliced banana and strawberry pieces that are lovely and soft and warmed through. There’s a nice mix of nutella, adding just that touch of chocolate and sweetness, a bit more chocolate intensity from the crushed oreos, a bit of crunch from the flaked almonds, and a bit of gooeyness from the peanut butter. It’s a feel good dessert, big on the yum factor, big on comfort food. You leave with a smile and a full stomach.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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