Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine – 27 Oct 2014

Cuisine: Middle Eastern
Location: Perth CBD – Pier St

On walks around the city I noticed a Middle Eastern restaurant on Pier Street near City Heart Indian Restaurant called Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine. It’s been open for around 10 months and has seating both indoor and outside, which is where I chose to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. They have a range of entrees and mains on the menu located above the kitchen. I chose the mixed platter to get some variety and enjoy a few items I was interested in trying – hummus and falafel. Then for mains it’s hard to go past a shish kebab. The restaurant offers dine in or takeaway.


Shish Kebab with Rice and Salad $12.50

Sahara Middle Eastern - Shish Kebab

Sahara Middle Eastern – Shish Kebab

Unusually, the mains was brought to my table first so I thought I may as well get stuck in since I was hungry. The shish kebabs have been removed from their skewers and presented upon delicious spiced rice. The kebab is available in chicken or lamb, I went with lamb. The shish kebabs are tender, carrying flavour and has a bit of bite. I thought they needed a touch more seasoning to bring out the flavour of the lamb. They prove to be quite filling with the spiced rice and moist salad. Generous serve but then again, I did eat this along with an entree.


Mixed Platter $10 – Baba Ghanouj, Falafel, Pickled Vegetables, Hummus, Pita bread

Sahara Middle Eastern - Mixed Platter

Sahara Middle Eastern – Mixed Platter

The mixed platter was then presented with 6 quarters of pita bread in a plastic bag placed in a basket. I started with the hummus which was delicious. It carries strong flavour of the chickpeas and is quite heavy but the hummus is smooth. Next I enjoyed the pickled vegetables which had a little acidity from the pickling juices. Then I moved on to the crispy darkened golden brown falafel. They were still hot so I cut them open to let the steam escape. They were delicious encasing the soft filling. Lastly, a creamy and rich baba ghanouj awaited enjoyment. It was really tasty and it goes well with the heavy meat flavours of the skewers. After eating through most of that, I was pool pretty stuffed. Later when I returned home I tucked into the crispy layers of the baclava which probably needed a touch more sweetness but was delicious. I really like baclava and I find it hard to resist when I come across it.


Sahara Food Review Summary

Verdict: In the most unassuming places one can stumble upon a gem. Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine offers up some fine dishes. I really enjoyed the different elements of the mixed platter, particularly, the hummus and falafel. The baba ghanouj was rich and creamy and the acidity of the pickles tempers the flavours of all three. With pita bread to enjoy, it’s a lovely dish to eat in summer. The shish kebab carried plenty of flavour, lots of tender lamb, had a bit of a chilli kick, and along with delicious spiced rice and a salad, this made for an excellent lunch. Very filling and totally stuffed. It’s worth the walk.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Sahara Middle Eastern Cuisine Restaurant Details

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  • Kanni

    This is right near my work, and I have walked past it many times. Great review, will check it out soon! 🙂

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