V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park – 18 Oct 2014

Cuisine: Burger
Location: East Victoria Park, Vic Park Village (also in Floreat)

I have a more recent food review of V Burger.

After my invite to the V Burger Bar in Floreat earlier in the week for a special bloggers night where V Burger Bar unveiled their new brioche range, I decided to pop in to the East Vic Park location for more. On the night, V Burger Bar revealed the following new burgers in their brioche range:

  • Americana – grilled prime beef patty, melted cheddar, pickle, mesculin mix, red onions, tomato, aioli & house relish
  • Space Mushroom – cheese filled crumbed field mushroom, spicy mayo, mesculin mix, tomato & red onions
  • Piggy Back – off the bone pork ribs, house BBQ sauce, pickled jalapenos, aioli, coleslaw & crispy onion ring

Unfortunately, we had to place an order for one burger only, and I was really split between the Americana and the Piggy Back. I went with the Americana on the night. However, while writing up the bloggers night post, I noticed that V Burger Bar are holding a special – 50% off their new brioche range. Awesome! Sounds like a good enough excuse to make a trip there and I can also do some shopping too. So I got there early to beat the lunch time crowd and placed an order for the Piggy Back.


Piggy Back – off the bone pork ribs, house BBQ sauce, pickled jalapenos, aioli, coleslaw & crispy onion ring

V Burger Bar - Piggy Back

V Burger Bar – Piggy Back

The wait always seems longer than usual when you’re hungry but I was most pleased when the burger was presented. I picked it up and took a big bite in. It would be good if the brioche buns were toasted or warmed up as the burger initially seemed cold, as if it had been prepared and left on the counter for some time before being served to me. Not the case though. The top looks slightly charred with a quick go on the grill, but this little tweak would improve the burger significantly. On my first bite I could taste an array of sensations. The BBQ sauce is an immediate standout, a bit sweet at first before building with a slight chilli kick (possibly due to the jalapeños) which makes the burger taste delicious! The moist coleslaw and aioli then come to the fore providing a burst of freshness to the burger. The delicious tender pork then melts in your mouth with delicious flavours, before the crunch of the golden brown deep fried onion rings add a contrast to the soft brioche bun. As I said with my prior post, the touch of sweetness in the brioche bun helps to elevate the savoury components in the burger. An outstanding burger which was so delicious. For me, the Piggy Back easily surpasses the Americana.


V Burger Bar Food Review Summary

Verdict: After my invite earlier in the week to V Burger Bar in Floreat to try their new brioche line (priced at $14.50) comprising the Americana, Space Mushroom, and Piggy Back, I vowed to return. I enjoyed the Americana on the night, but missed out on the Piggy Back. The Piggy Back far surpassed the Americana. The sweet BBQ sauce, the chilli kick from the jalapeños, the moistness of the aioli, the freshness of the coleslaw, the tender flavoursome pork, the crunch from the battered deep fried onions, and the slight sweetness of the brioche bun made for a burger that I thoroughly enjoyed. If they just warm or toast the buns, the burger will be even better! V Burger Bar are having a special offer – half price on this new range for 17 -19 October 2014 only. Check their website for details.
Price: Reasonable (Note: 2014/15 Entertainment Book Voucher 25% off up to $15)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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V Burger Bar Restaurant Details

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