V Burger Bar – Floreat Forum – 13 Oct 2014

Cuisine: Burger
Location: Floreat Forum (also in East Victoria Park)

Disclosure: Guest of V Burger Bar

Given my recent visits to some of Perth’s gourmet burger bars like Grill’d and Jus Burgers, I was thinking back to some of the others I had visited, particularly, V Burger Bar, and thought I must make a trip back there to see what’s happening. Well, V Burger Bar must have read my mind as I was fortunate to receive an invite to a blogger nite where they were showcasing their new brioche line:

  • Americana – grilled prime beef patty, melted cheddar, pickle, mesculin mix, red onions, tomato, aioli & house relish
  • Space Mushroom – cheese filled crumbed field mushroom, spicy mayo, mesculin mix, tomato & red onions
  • Piggy Back – off the bone pork ribs, house BBQ sauce, pickled jalapenos, aioli, coleslaw & crispy onion ring

It was a tough choice, choose one of the 3 delicious burgers. I had to lean towards the Americana (I did visit later in the week to try the Piggy Back). In the mean time, while we waited, there were glasses of bubbly or water for me, plus a few platters of some of their sides. I take a particular liking to anything deep fried so I was delighted to see trays of golden crumbed something. One platter was haloumi sticks with tomato relish and the other was crumbed mushroom with blue cheese sauce.

V Burger - Crumbed Mushrooms

V Burger – Crumbed Mushrooms

Looked delicious, I took one of each and tucked in. The haloumi is an interesting choice of cheese in this dish as it goes gooey but still holds firm. This helps to keep the shape of the sticks and it tastes delicious. Perfectly deep fried golden brown crisp crumb, with delicious gooey haloumi. What more could you ask for? So yum. As for the mushrooms, these were really tasty too. Tender succulent moist mushroom slices, packed together before getting the same treatment as the haloumi, surrounded in golden brown crisp crumb with a touch of blue cheese and you’re in heaven. One of the platters of haloumi sticks were left untouched so they were brought towards our end of the table. I’d be doing a disservice to V Burger if I didn’t have another. So yum.

V Burger - Haloumi Sticks

V Burger – Haloumi Sticks

This is my first visit to Floreat Forum which has plenty of underground parking, plenty of shops, a food court, and a large outdoor area containing several casual eateries like V Burger Bar. The interior is very open with glass surrounding the main eating area giving patrons a 270C view which is very unique. The Floreat venue is in contrast to that at East Vic Park. The staff are very friendly and the venue filled up as plenty of patrons entered for dinner. Obviously a favourite among the locals.

Americana – grilled prime beef patty, melted cheddar, pickle, mesculin mix, red onions, tomato, aioli & house relish

V Burger - Americana

V Burger – Americana

After a reasonable wait and plenty of chatter, the burgers were served to all guests of the night. The brioche bun is a little smaller in dimension than the normal size Turkish bun but it’s also quite thick. I broke a piece off to taste and it has that nice touch of sweetness. When it comes to burgers, a delicious bun is really important. It seems several gourmet burger joints are offering brioche buns which adds to the taste experience. The touch of sweetness seeks to elevate the ingredients in each burger. Like salt in salted caramel intensifies the chocolate and sweetness, the brioche bun serves a similar but opposite effect in highlighting the savoury elements. While cutlery is provided, I prefer to just pick up the whole thing and sink my teeth in. The Americana burger is delicious. A big juicy beef patty reminds one of home but is far from homely, lots of flavour, juices oozing. The brioche bun may be smaller but the burger is packed full of ingredients. The first thing you notice is the sharp acidity and sweetness of the pickle, so characteristic of any American burger. The melted cheese becomes immediately evident, clinging closely to the beef patty and providing that nice mix of moisture and fat as the meat juices get trapped by the cheese. The other ingredients get upstaged a bit by the cheese, beef patty and pickle, but they all serve to add flavour and moisture to the experience. It’s a different style and interpretation of the American burger than what may be offered elsewhere, but it’s a worthy offering full of taste. The meal also came with nice crunchy chips with a soft fluffy potato filling. Dunked in a bit of the aioli, it tasted yum. I was pretty full after that and headed home. I was also surprised to receive a gift bag on the way out as I thanked the owners for the invitation.

V Burger - Surprise Gift Bag

V Burger – Surprise Gift Bag

While I was quite full with the meal, I did start to feel a bit peckish and I was also curious as to what was in the gift bag. Coffee, for one, as the aroma was wafting through the car on the way home. Earl grey tea inside a glass bottle was another item and the third, a chocolate brownie. I was most pleased and excited as this was just the small morsel I needed to crave my peckish desires. A nice sized brownie fitted the bill and I savoured each bite of the light chocolate moist brownie. Talk about comfort food, it’s the perfect finish to the night.


V Burger Bar Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was pleased to received an invite to V Burger in Floreat to try their new brioche line comprising the Americana, Space Mushroom, and Piggy Back. The night was a lovely affair meeting the owners and other bloggers, enjoying a few of their sides in the delicious golden crumbed haloumi sticks and crumbed mushrooms with blue cheese sauce, before the tough choice, which of the 3 burgers to order. I went with the Americana which was delicious. The touch of sweetness in the brioche bun serves to highlight the savoury elements of the acidic tang from the pickles, the gooey melted cheese, and the chunky beef patty. Packed full of ingredients, the burger is delicious, more so with some lovely chips. I was also surprised to receive a gift bag and I thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate brownie which satisfied my craving for something sweet to finish off the meal. The burgers are priced at $14.50. V Burger Bar are having a special offer – half price on this new range for 17 -19 October 2014 only. Check their website for details.
Price: Reasonable (Note: 2014/15 Entertainment Book Voucher 25% off up to $15)
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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