Country Road Cafe – 11 Nov 2014

Cuisine: Cafe, Coffee, Modern Australian
Location: Perth CBD, inside Country Road Store

Country Road Cafe - Red Chai Latte

Country Road Cafe – Red Chai Latte

We have a new team member and we haven’t even had a welcome lunch and 4 weeks have gone by. About time we do something about that so we decided to book a team breakfast at the Country Road Cafe. I have eaten here before on a few occasions for lunch, but never for breakfast. We arrived and grabbed a largish table and placed our orders at the counter. I felt like a hot drink so I went for the red chai latte with honey and cinnamon for $4. It has a nice flavour of tea and the honey adds a touch of sweetness and a nice soothing element while the cinnamon adds additional flavour. Nice and warming.

I don’t like eggs so that severely limits my choices when it comes to breakfast so looking at the Country Road Cafe menu left me few choices so I chose the pesto mushrooms with wilted spinach on toast for $14.50. I wasn’t expecting much but was pleasantly surprised by the dish served up. It looked really appealing and generous in serving. I was thinking how I was going to finish this.

Country Road Cafe - Pesto Mushrooms with Wilted Spinach on Toast

Country Road Cafe – Pesto Mushrooms with Wilted Spinach on Toast

Instead of plain white bread they used Turkish bread which needed a bit of love and oil from the pesto provided that by adding flavour and acting like a butter of sorts. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked with the right level of seasoning, however, some mushrooms carried a slightly bitter flavour which detracted from the overall taste. The pesto was delicious providing lots of flavour throughout the dish, especially the spinach, which is kind of tasteless. I don’t think I’ve eaten a breakfast where a salad is provided but here you go. After polishing that off, it kept me going through the day and proved very filling and satisfying. I’m impressed.


Country Road Cafe Food Review Summary

Verdict: Not being a fan of eggs severely limits my breakfast choices on any menu. I chose the pesto mushrooms with wilted spinach on toast which sounded rather simplistic but was anything but. Country Road Cafe offer several vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options which my dish ticked on all fronts. From not expecting much, I was pleasantly surprised and then really impressed with a deliciously crafted meal. The Turkish bread is really lovely, warmed through and enhanced by the oil from the pesto. The pesto adds additional flavour to the wilted spinach and there were plenty of well cooked and seasoned mushrooms to provide meat to the dish. Along with a salad to balance any richness or fat from the pesto, and then washed down with a lovely warming honey, cinnamon, red chai latte, my breakfast provided plenty of fuel and energy for the day and left me impressed and satisfied. Even though I’m not a vegetarian, vegan or gluten intolerant, I’d be happy to eat this dish anytime for breakfast. Full marks for creativity and great value.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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