Coventry Square Markets Morley – 1 Nov 2014

I haven’t been to Morley for years and have never visited the Coventry Square Markets. So I had a look at some recipes and made a list of things to utilize fruit and veggies and headed off.

There’s plenty of parking and once you find a spot and enter what is essentially a massive industrial shed, there’s heaps of shops to check out. One doesn’t know where to begin. After doing a few rounds and picking up lots of produce, it was time to check out the casual food options.

Sultan Cafe & Grill - Sarma and Burek

Sultan Cafe & Grill – Sarma and Burek

I finally settled on Sultan Cafe and Grill which serve Eastern European food. They were all out of the Bosnian Pot so I ordered a serve of sarma, ricotta and spinach filled burek and picked up something sweet for later, tulumba. I’m always curious to discover other cultures and sarma looked an interesting dish. Sarma are pickled cabbage leaves that encase a beef mince and rice filling. I found it to be interesting and really delicious. It’s moist, has a lovely sauce and tastes amazing! I also had to get burek which is available with spinach and ricotta or in mince. I went for the former. Burek are a hand made pastry. Layer after layer of translucent pastry is placed on top of each other with a spread of butter to make a puff pastry. It’s the stuffed and formed into a shape before being baked. It’s really delicious and not something you eat everyday. I was more than satisfied.

Skoops Gelato Ice Cream Display

Skoops Gelato Ice Cream Display

I didn’t have far to walk as I had eyed off a place selling gelato – Scoops Gelato. Now it was a matter of picking a flavour, such a tough choice. Apparently they have been medalists at the Royal Show so they must have some pretty decent offerings. I decided to have 1 scoop of the caramel crunch and quietly enjoyed the smooth flavours. It’s nice to go to your happy place!

Skoops Gelato - List of Awards at Royal Show

After I got home, I felt like something sweet so it’s perfect that I had something on hand to meet that craving – tulumba from Sultan Cafe and Grill. Not sure what it is but it looked interesting. It’s kind of like a dough that appears to be piped through a star shaped implement into hot oil to be deep fried, before being placed in a sweet syrup. This version was soft and the touch of sweetness from the syrup was perfect. I really liked it.

Tulumba from Sultan Cafe and Grill

Tulumba from Sultan Cafe and Grill

Coventry Village
243-253 Walter Road, Morley

Sultan Cafe & Grill
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Skoops Gelato
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