Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 7 Nov 2014

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets – Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market
When: every Friday 4:30-9pm, 17 October 2014 till 24 April 2015 (closed on 14 Nov & 19th Dec)
Where: Forrest Place in Perth adjacent to Wellington St and the Murray St Mall
More Info:

I’ve obviously been too busy these days and getting out of work late to notice that the Twilight Hawkers Markets is up and running for another year. What gave it away was the plumes of smoke coming from Forrest Place on my way to catch the bus which is what immediately diverted me towards Forrest Place. And there it was, crowds of people and plenty of stalls. One stall that is back is the one offering South American asada, hence the smoke, I had this last time around.

I had popped in last week for a quick meal as I was famished and in desperate need of food. I had stopped by a stall selling soul food and picked up the pulled pork roll for $10 which was pretty good. The pulled pork was perfectly cooked, but lacked any flavour – it just needed some sweet spices or a BBQ sauce to go over the top of the lovely tender pulled pork and it would immediately be transformed. The search for an authentic pulled pork continues.

Eat Drink Perth 2014: Smokies - Jerked Chicken, Dumplings, Coleslaw

Eat Drink Perth 2014: Smokies – Jerked Chicken, Dumplings, Coleslaw

This week I made sure I got out of the office on time and headed out just after 5pm, only to be greeted with a throng of people. I thought I was early! Obviously not and checking in to the event’s website, they have pushed the opening time backward to 4:30pm. This event has proven so popular over the years it just keeps gathering momentum so I welcome the earlier start time, the demand is there, and so is the supply with plenty of stalls signing up to take part this year. They can’t all be there every week so they have a rolling roster.

After doing a quick round, well a slow round as I slowly weaved through the throng, I found a stall selling Caribbean food. Having recently watched one of Jamie Oliver’s shows on jerked ham, this stall had jerked chicken so dinner was sorted! The serve is available with rice or dumplings, I chose dumplings. It also comes with a serve of coleslaw. For $12, they gave a pretty generous serving of chicken which was all flesh, about 4 good sized pieces. I grabbed a seat on the steps and dug in. The chicken was moist and tender, coated in a delicious array of spices. The chicken also carried a hit of chilli. Got to keep things interesting! I really enjoyed the flavours of the jerked chicken. It’s not something you eat everyday. The dumplings were very different to what I’ve seen before. The first one was firm and took some chewing. The second was a bit too hard. The coleslaw was really refreshing and made a lovely end to the meal.

Twilight hawkers markets are open every Friday (except 14th Nov and 19th Dec) till 24 April 2015, so make sure you head down to Forrest Chase between 4:30-9pm to sample some cuisines from various cultures. It’s cash only and remember that these are not necessarily professional kitchens, you might need to have some patience while your meal is prepared, especially if there are long queues, so get in early and enjoy.

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