Grill & Chill – 14 Nov 2014

Cuisine: Indian
Location: East Perth

We’ve been busy at work and it’s good to get out of the office so we organised a big team lunch for interested people within the department and headed to Grill & Chill in East Perth. I didn’t realise that the lunch specials have been replaced with a buffet offering two meat curries and two vegetable curries, rice, and naan. You get the choice to pick three curries from the four offered and the waitstaff serve you the chosen curries in metal containers to be placed upon your plate which you serve with rice. It’s just the one serving, you cannot help yourself and you cannot make multiple visits. However, at $14.99 it’s excellent value. The majority of our table chose the lunch buffet including yours truly. A couple of the guys wanted something with more pungency and went with the vindaloo. I also had to introduce the table to Grill and Chill’s signature dish – the honey chilli cauliflower.

Most of the patrons in the restaurant lined up to the buffet which took some time for all to be served but we eventually got our meals and sat down to tuck in. Baskets of delicious naans were also brought to our tables. The naans were really fantastic – soft on the top with a lovely buttery flavour from the brushing of ghee, with a thin light crispy base. My colleagues were also surprised by the honey chilli cauliflower. It does have that effect upon people and there was also someone who didn’t like cauliflower, but like most people, really loved the dish.

Grill and Chill - Lunch Buffet

Grill and Chill – Lunch Buffet

As for the buffet, the curries on offer on the day were butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, a chick pea curry, and dhal (lentils). I passed on the chick peas and ended up with a more than decent serving. The curries were slightly pungent apart from the butter chicken which was mild and creamy. I poured the delicious butter chicken curry over the loose grains of the white rice to soak up that flavour before polishing off the inside of the metal container with the naan. The chicken was tender, as too with the lamb rogan josh which was also delicious. The lentils were well cooked and flavoursome. With the slight pungency, it made it hard to eat through all that food and it is really filling. Looks can be deceiving.


Grill & Chill Food Review Summary

Verdict: I’ve eaten here on several occasions and chose the restaurant as a venue to be enjoyed as a team lunch for those interested in coming along. The lunch specials have been replaced with a delicious buffet for $14.99 which allows you the choice of three curries from the two meat and two vegetarian curries on offer, rice, and naan. The curries I had were the butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, and dhal (lentils) which carried a slight pungency bar the butter chicken. The meal was delicious and I particularly loved the fantastic naan. I really enjoyed the food as I have on many visits here and the lunch time buffet represents an excellent offering to the lunch time crowd. From the CBD it’s only a quick bus ride on one of the red or yellow CATs.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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