Noodle Forum – 5 Nov 2014

Cuisine: Chinese, Malaysian
Location: Perth CBD – Equus Retail Arcade

I have a more recent food review of Noodle Forum here.

One of the my work colleagues told me about Noodle Forum in the Equus Retail Arcade as a place that makes lovely noodles so I headed there for lunch today. The medium sized shop is packed with the lunchtime crowd but I managed to get a seat. First, I waited in a short queue to enter and observed the menu on the window.

Noodle Forum Menu

Noodle Forum Menu

When my turn came I placed my order and took a seat. Takeaway is available too. Noodle Forum has a nice interior and friendly staff. Noodle Forum specialises in making noodles by hand, daily, so they’re fresh for when you order them. They’re made the traditional way through an art that is dying but is kept alive for patrons of Noodle Forum to enjoy. I waited patiently and my order of crispy chicken fillet noodle arrived.


Crispy Chicken Fillet Noodle – crispy fried chicken fillets, topped with spicy mayonnaise, served with wilted choy sum

Noodle Forum - Crispy Chicken Fillet Noodle with Satay Sauce

Noodle Forum – Crispy Chicken Fillet Noodle with Satay Sauce

They also have a winter’s special for this dish which replaces the spicy mayo with satay sauce. It’s well past winter and the satay sauce has proven to be so popular I don’t think they can take it away. I’m not great with chopsticks but the tightly wound bunches of thinnish noodles proved tricky to unwind and then get on to the end of my chopsticks! It also released pockets of steam. In hunger, I started on the crispy chicken which was crunchy on the outside, but tender on the inside. I really loved the satay sauce but I don’t think it really goes with crunchy chicken. But it does help to flavour the yummy noodles which are excellent. Along with spring onions, crunchy crackers, cucumber and the crunchy shallots, this makes for a hearty meal. This is a different style noodle from that served at Mr Bun which is close by but is equally enjoyable.

I headed off and felt like something sweet so I popped into Geláre and got a scoop of their Swiss Chocolate Caramel and then took a seat out in the hot sun to savour the flavours. Really delicious.


Noodle Forum Food Review Summary

Verdict: Noodle Forum specialise in making noodles by hand on a daily basis and then incorporating the noodles into a variety of dishes which you can enjoy in comfortable surrounds or takeaway if you wish. I ordered the crispy chicken fillet noodle with satay sauce which was crispy for sure, but tender chicken on the inside. The thinnish noodles were delicious and enjoyed with the excellent satay sauce, crispy crackers, spring onions, cucumber and fried shallots. A delicious meal which is evident by the business of the restaurant. It obviously has a loyal band of followers.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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