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Technology has had a major impact in our lives and the internet has allowed us to compare flights, hotels, restaurants, and real estate. With the plethora of cooking shows over recent years, MasterChef has shown us how to cook cheffy meals at home, and My Kitchen Rules has shown how to transform your home into an instant restaurant. But what if you wanted to transform your home into something simpler –  inviting a few guests over for a home cooked meal on the odd occasion or as frequently as you desire? You have a passion for cooking, hosting dinner parties, entertaining? Or maybe you just want to test the waters before branching out into the real thing? Kind of like a pop up restaurant in your own home connecting locals and travellers alike. On the flip side, what if you were about to travel and didn’t want to visit a fine dining restaurant but just wanted to visit a local family as a guest around their kitchen table for a home cooked meal where you could enjoy conversation, get travel tips, and enjoy the culture? Just when you thought the world of food couldn’t change any further, it does with the introduction of VizEat (visit + eat).

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What is VizEat?

VizEat is a global community of people who share home cooked meals with guests. VizEat connects hosts and guests from all over the world to open the doors to hospitality, cuisine, tradition, and culture. Whether you be a traveller in a foreign country or a local in your own city looking for a new experience, VizEat can connect you with a a willing host to provide a meal to cater your dietary needs. VizEat are spreading around the world. Time to put Perth on the map.


How Does VizEat Work?


  • If you’re the budding chef or fancy yourself as someone who can whip up something special, you can sign up to VizEat to be host.
  • Choose what you will serve for breakfast, brunch, dinner or just a simple apertif.
  • Set the price of the meal to be offered.
  • Specify the date the meal will be offered with a simple menu.
  • Optionally upload some pictures of the meal, a few details about yourself and your city.
  • Publish your meal.
  • Interested patrons will make a booking demand.
  • You can choose whether to accept or reject.

When you accept a booking invite, you’re free to interact with your guests and exchange additional information like directions to your house, allergies, food preferences etc

Then you can cook and enjoy the meal with payment handled directly through VizEat and made available to you the day after the meal.
Charlotte's meal- Crédits Adélie Vernhes


  • Register on VizEat and create a simple bio so hosts can know a bit about you.
  • Search the many meals on offer whether they be in your own city or in a destination you are travelling to.
  • Make a booking.
  • Pay via PayPal when after the host has confirmed your order.
  • Enjoy a home cooked meal, hospitality, new people, new culture, a new experience and maybe get some great travel tips to make that holiday extra special!


One could say VizEat is the eBay of food, you see a product, you can check out their profile, you can check out reviews by fellow guests who have dined there and make a decision. Likewise, as a host or seller, you can find out a bit about your potential buyer and a third party keeps some distance and protection between all involved, ensuring it’s an enjoyable user experience.

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