Best of Perth’s Best Restaurants – 2014

Another year has passed by and hopefully it was a great year for you. It’s been a year of visiting so many of Perth’s restaurants and eating some really delicious food. I thought it would be worthwhile to pick some favourites from what I’ve experienced thus far. This post is a follow up to last year’s list, Best of Perth’s Best Restaurant’s – 2013, updated with new discoveries, if any, from 2014.


Following is a list of Perth’s best restaurants (including restaurants outside of Perth) (click on the links to get taken to the restaurant review):

Some Notable Dishes In 2014

Best American
Varnish On King
Cutting Board Eat House

Best Buffet
Miss Maud’s Smorgasbord Restaurant

Best Gourmet Burger Bar – A Review Of Perth’s Gourmet Burger Bars
Jus Burgers
V Burger Bar – East Victoria Park
The Burger Bistro – Shafto Lane, Perth CBD
Flipside Burger Bar – Northbridge

Best Chinese (Apart from your local takeaway)
Hong Kong BBQ House
Szechwan Zen Chinese Restaurant

Best Chocolatier
Koko Black

Best Dessert
Superstar Waffles

Best Dim Sum
Northbridge Chinese
Dragon Palace
Regal On Roe Seafood Restaurant

Best French
Chez Pierre
Equateur (French / Creole / Reunion Island)

Best Indian Restaurant
Grill & Chill
Spicy Affair
Thali Contemporary Indian (yes, a food court in Carillon City)

Best Indian Breads
Agni Fine Cuisine

Best Indian Thali (a thali is a collection of several mini meals served in small round dishes with rice)
Real Flavours Of India

Best Italian
Maurizio Restaurant
Cafe Nocello
Ciao Italia

Best Japanese
Shiro Izakaya for lunch
Sushi Wawa

Best Korean
The Gaya Applecross

Best Pancakes
Pancakes At The Carillon

Best Patisserie
Corica Pastries
Scents of Taste

Best Malaysian
Happy Meals Restaurant

One of Shaun’s Favourites in the Perth CBD
Adelphi Steakhouse & Bar

Best Latin American
Public House Kitchen & Bar

Best Thai
S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe
Thai Orchid

Best Vietnamese
To To Vietnamese

Best Fried Rice
Hong Kong BBQ House – order the minced beef fried rice with XO sauce (not on the menu)

Best Cheap Eats / Restaurants
Dim sum restaurants – see above
Alfred’s Kitchen – Burgers
JJ Crepes – Crepes: sweet or savoury
Thali Contemporary Indian – Indian
Real Flavours Of India – get the thali – Indian
Delisio Pizza Romano – Pizza, Italian
Stuzzico – Pizza, Italian
NYC Pizza
Taka’s Kitchen – Japanese
Iku Sushi – Sushi, Japanese
Superstar Waffles – Waffles

Best Meal Ever
Zenith (VIC, St Kilda) – Paella for 2

Most Inventive Restaurants
Varnish On King

Best Places in Melbourne
Choix – Crepes
MoVida – Spanish
Cheap Eat – Mekong – Vietnamese
Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier – Patisserie
Gelato Messina – Dessert
Chin Chin – Asian
La Parisienne Pâtés – French Deli
Mamasita – Mexican

Best Places in Sydney
Pancakes on The Rocks – Pancakes
Almond Bar – Middle Eastern
Cheap Eat – Snag Stand – Gourmet Hot Dogs

Best Places in Brisbane
Cheap Eat – Saj & Grill – Middle Eastern
Red & White Peruvian Restaurant – Latin American
Pancake Manor – Pancakes

Best Places In Singapore
Maxwell Food Centre
Food Stalls in Chinatown
Wan Tang Eating House (Chinatown)
L’Angelus – French fine dining that is superb

Best Western Food in Bali
New York Sports Bar & Diner
Little Italy

Best Places in New Zealand
French Cafe – Auckland
Logan Brown – Wellington
Matterhorn – Wellington
St Germain – Christchurch

Best Places in Rome, Italy
Checchino Dal 1887
da Sabatino a S. Ignazio
La Fontana di Venere
Gelato / Cannoli

Best Places in Paris, France
Le Fountain de Mars
Chez Michel
Le Pre Verre
Le Coupe-Chou
Cafe De Paris
Cafe Pouchkine

Best Places in London, UK
The Ledbury
Casa Malevo
Hawksmoor Steakhouse – TBA

Best Places in USA
Washington DC

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Napa Valley

  • Oxbow Farmers Market
  • Bouchon Bistro
  • Freemont Diner

Las Vegas

New York

Best Places in Vietnam

  • Hanoi Fusion Restaurant and Lounge
  • Thanh Long French Vietnamese Bakery – there are 2 locations – 38A Nguyen Truong To – Ba Dinh; and 56/62 Tran Quy Cap – Dong Da

Hoi An

  • Mermaid Restaurant
  • Ba Le Well Restaurant
  • Cargo Cafe & Restaurant


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