Bing Go Street Food – 29 Dec 2014

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Perth CBD – Enex 100 Food Court (other locations too)

Disclosure: Meal was complimentary.

Bing Go Street Food - Peking Duck

Bing Go Street Food – Peking Duck

I have a more recent food review of Bing Go Street Food.

There’s another chain offering bings, Bing Go Street Food. Considering I never knew what a bing was just a few weeks ago, two companies have introduced me to them. Jianbings are present across China and are a crepe, topped with a freshly cooked egg straight after the crepe cooks, then the other ingredients go in like shallots, spicy sauce and a crispy wanton cracker. Pretty healthy and sustaining. To understand what they are and see how they’re made, checking out a YouTube video from Bing Go’s website makes for interesting viewing.

Sean, the co-owner of Bing Go Street Food, kindly provided me a with a complimentary bing which a few of my work colleagues also got to enjoy. One of my colleages is from China so I was asking her more about jianbings. Bing Go Street Food have locations in Perth CBD (Enex 100), Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson, have just opened a store in Karrinyup, and will be opening another location in the Perth CBD at Cloisters on 7 Jan 2015.

Enex 100 is the closest location so we set off at lunch time and as soon as you go up the escalator to the food court, Bing Go Street Food is the first thing you will see right in front of you. We all went for the Peking Duck bing which was a no brainer, mind you, the menu has many interesting offerings but it’s hard to go past Peking Duck. It doesn’t take long to make as the efficient staff have a crepe cooking in no time, they crack an egg and spread it around, while another member hands them a platter of ingredients to dump into the crepe after the plum sauce has been applied, before it’s swiftly folded, wrapped up, and ready for collection at the far right. You get a bit of entertainment along the way watching the whole thing unfold. The wraps are kind of like a burrito in a way. Just peel away the tin foil which reveals the bing and dive in.

Bing Go Street Food - Peking Duck

Bing Go Street Food – Peking Duck

Mmm. So delicious! The wanton crackers provide a lovely crunch against the soft, tender, succulent Peking duck which is so delicious. The plum sauce mixes with the other ingredients: lettuce, cucumber and carrot, so that makes it even tastier. The crepe is soft and fluffy, not hard and leathery. It turns out to be a deceptively filling meal as I was very keen to try the dessert bings but had to pass with much disappointment. One of my colleagues returned for the sweet bings though, much to my envy!


Bing Go Street Food Review Summary

Verdict: It’s the first time I’ve eaten a bing, which is a traditional Chinese handheld meal dating back centuries. I had a Peking Duck bing which was delicious from the first bite and proved to be deceptively filling, such that I had to pass on dessert. The bing had a lovely crunch from the wanton, contrasting against the tender, succulent Peking Duck which was delicious. Along with cucumber, carrot, lettuce and a delicious plum sauce, this was a really tasty meal and a great cheap eat at just $9.90. I love trying new things and I’m loving it.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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