Media Release: Bing Boy Expands Into Western Australia

Director Ming Ma of Bing Boy

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Store Details: Bing Boy’s first store in Western Australia will be located in the Galleria Shopping Centre at Morley in Perth’s north-eastern suburbs. The store will be open from 9am-5.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9am-9pm on Thursdays, 9am-5pm on Saturdays and 11am-5pm on Sundays.

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Bing Boy has launched its urban Asian street food concept into Western Australia with bold plans to open 10 new stores across Perth over the next two years.

The fresh food restaurant chain and its healthy Chinese-style wraps known as “bings” have enjoyed outstanding success since the company was established in Adelaide in 2011, with 33 stores now located across South Australia, Victoria and Queensland.

The first WA store in the Galleria Shopping Centre in Morley will become Bing Boy’s 34th Australian store and represents the next major step in the organisation’s national expansion plans.

“We see enormous potential for Bing Boy in the Perth market,” said Bing Boy Managing Director Ming Ma.

“We already have 12 stores in SA, 18 in Victoria and three in Queensland, so we’re really happy that our early success has now enabled us to move into a fourth state.

“We have high hopes for Bing Boy in Western Australia and believe the local market is strong enough for us to introduce up to 10 new stores across Perth over the next two years.”

Bings, a traditional thin wheat omelette wrap with various fillings, have been enjoyed as popular street food in China for centuries but were only introduced into Australia by Bing Boy three years ago.

The company now provides employment for approximately 350 staff in company and franchisee stores across Australia, with dozens of additional jobs set to be created in WA as Bing Boy continues to grow.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the early success of our bings, which consumers have embraced as a quick and healthy lunch or dinner option on the go,” said Mr Ma.

“From a business point of view, our growth has also given some fantastic opportunities for people to establish a franchise and run their own Bing Boy business, which will again be the case in Western Australia as we identify more new store locations across the city.

“And as each new store requires new staff members, we’re also helping provide new jobs and new training and career pathway opportunities in the retail food sector, which is extremely satisfying.

Bing in wrapping

“Our grand plan is to one day have Bing Boy stores operating in every state and territory in Australia, and then from there who knows. A Bing Boy store outside Australia is certainly a possibility one day.”

The original story behind “bing” street food dates back to the seventh century during the Chinese Tang Dynasty. So the legend goes, a wrongfully imprisoned peasant man was only permitted to receive paper, ink and a Chinese brush to write with while serving his prison sentence. However, his wife devised a clever plan to help feed him by substituting the brush with a spring onion, the ink with sauce and the paper with a thin pancake known as “Jian Bing”. The food enabled the man to keep his sanity and strength, which helped when he was eventually released from prison in time to sit the highly anticipated “Imperials Examinations”. These exams attracted individuals – rich and poor – from all provinces who vied for first place and the prestigious title of “Zhuang Yuan”, which brought with it great status and power. The young peasant man ultimately went on to win the honour.

Mr Ma says the Bing Boy concept enhances the history of Jian Bing while bringing together Asian and western cultures for a contemporary fresh food option.

“The story behind Bing Boy is certainly a tribute to China’s past,” he said.

“We want our customers to not only enjoy the great taste of our range of bings, but we want to take them on a virtual journey through Asia that reinforces the value of traditional culture.

“So far we’ve been delighted with how customers have responded to Bing Boy, but as a young Australian business we know we’re only just getting started, and have a long-term plan to build the brand and the number of Bing Boy stores around the country.”