Noodle Forum – 30 Dec 2014

Cuisine: Chinese, Malaysian
Location: Perth CBD – Equus Retail Arcade

I rather enjoyed my visit to Noodle Forum in the Equus Retail Arcade so I made another visit to try some other dishes. This time around, I did have a look at the window to the right of the entrance where you can see the noodles being made. It’s rather amusing as there’s a large chunk of dough, with a large bamboo rod across it supported by a stack of tea towels, and then the chef is on the other end bouncing up and down with the bamboo between his legs, softening the dough up! It’s rather unusual but makes for great viewing and obviously produces the desired result as the noodles are delicious! The noodles are made fresh via the traditional art form which is great to see.

Noodle Forum - Crunchy Wanton Dumplings

Noodle Forum – Crunchy Wanton Dumplings


One of my colleagues had written about the crispy dumplings so I made a special beeline for these. Except, I couldn’t find them on the main menu! Fortunately as you step in, there’s a few dishes on the wall and I spotted the crunchy wanton dumplings. As I got my order to takeaway, the 5 minute walk probably didn’t have these beauties at their optimum level, but there was still enough crunch in the wanton, encasing a delicious pork filling, which combined nicely with the spicy mayo provided. I rather enjoyed these as a kind of an entree.


Beef Brisket Noodle – slow braised beef brisket, with ginger and star anise, served with wilted choy sum

Noodle Forum - Beef Brisket Noodle

Noodle Forum – Beef Brisket Noodle

The crispy wantons had been steamed by now so had lost most of their crunch but are otherwise lovely to munch on. There’s several chunks of oh so tender beef brisket which carries a star anise and 5 spice flavour, typical of Asian cuisine. These spices give the beef a subtle boost in flavour, enjoyed with the lovely egg noodles. There’s a good quantity of sauce to moisten the beef and the noodles, as well as the choy sum, super soft ginger, and spring onions to round out a rather filling and satisfying meal.


Noodle Forum Food Review Summary

Verdict: I rather enjoyed the crispy wanton dumplings which had enough crunch after my 5 minute walk back to the office and contained a delicious pork filling which combined nicely with the spicy mayo. The tender and subtly flavoured beef brisket was also delicious, with a good quantity provided, and was enjoyed thoroughly with the egg noodles. The noodles were coated in sufficient sauce to keep them moist and made for a satisfying meal with the wanton, choy sum, soft pieces of ginger, and spring onions. A lovely lunchtime meal.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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