Sufi Afghan Cuisine – 27 Dec 2014

Cuisine: Afghan, Cafe, Breakfast
Location: East Perth – Bennett Street

I’d noticed this new restaurant when passing by recently and thought I’d pay them a visit one Saturday night. I’ve never had Afghan food and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I walked in and had a look at the menu, asking for some guidance of traditional dishes to consider ordering. In the end, I chose the lamb kebabs (also available in chicken), which aren’t on the menu and also a selection of sweets which stopped me in my tracks before entering. They have various almond biscuits and baklava varieties on the top shelf. I love baklava so I was definitely getting some of these.

Sufi Afghan Cuisine - Sweets Display at the Front of the Restaurant

Sufi Afghan Cuisine – Sweets Display at the Front of the Restaurant

Sufi Afghan Cuisine operates as a cafe selling breakfast and coffee in the morning, and Afghan dishes along with sandwiches and wraps for lunch and dinner. They also offer a variety of juices and smoothies. Apart from the cafe, they have a small convenience store to the far left. Looked more like a little gourmet shop but I didn’t get a good look. After having a look at the menu, they have skewered meats (not on the menu for some reason!), curries, soups, and rice dishes as the main Afghan staples, something a little similar to Indian cuisine. I’d be interested in stopping by to try some of these other dishes to see the difference in taste.

Sufi Afghan Cuisine - Lamb Kebabs, Salad, Bread Rolls

Sufi Afghan Cuisine – Lamb Kebabs, Salad, Bread Rolls


It took a bit of time till my food was served – lamb pieces removed from the skewers, salad, a bowl of dressing, and 2 bread rolls. Should be plenty and I can munch on the sweets on the way home. The lamb was marinated and had the most delicious taste, only to be spoiled by the fact they were overcooked and had become tough and chewy. An absolute shame as I can imagine how enjoyable the lamb would taste if it were soft and tender. I really loved the flavour which was unlike anything I’ve tried before. The bread rolls were nice but must have been pulled out of the fridge as they were still cold. It didn’t make for pleasant eating which was a shame, as at room temperature or even lightly toasted, the rolls would be tasty. The salad looked rather Mediterranean with Lebanese cucumbers, red cabbage, and black olives. The dressing in a separate bowl seemed kind of like a herbed sauce which was really tasty and livened up the salad considerably. This is quite a filling meal and with the sweets, cost $23 all up.

I did tuck into the sweets on the way home. The almond biscuits are delicious. The baklava was also excellent, not sickeningly sweet. I got the almond version and a cashew version. The sweets are delicious.


Sufi Food Review Summary

Verdict: Apart from the lamb being overcooked, the flavour was very delicious, unlike anything I’ve eaten before. There’s plenty of lamb removed from the skewers along with tasty bread rolls which would benefit being at room temperature or lightly toasted, and the salad with that lovely dressing, livened things up. I reckon the dish only cost about $15 which is excellent value for the serving size and taste. The array of sweets I picked up were also delicious, especially the baklava varieties. If they can better execute the lamb skewers, diners will be in for a treat.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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