Bing Go Street Food – 12 Jan 2015

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Perth CBD – Enex 100 Food Court (other locations too)

Bing Go EnEx 100 Store Front

Bing Go EnEx 100 Store Front

Disclosure: Meal was complimentary.

Bing Go Street Food introduced me to bings which I really enjoyed but I missed out on a sweet bing which I was planning to have sometime in the near future. Thankfully, Sean, the co-owner of Bing Go Street Food, kindly provided me a with some complimentary bings which a few of my work colleagues also got to enjoy. After enjoying the Peking duck bing on my last visit to Bing Go Street Food at Enex 100, I decided to try something different, although, the Peking duck is hard to go past. There’s several different savoury bings to choose from, but I chose the Char Siu Bing which had pork.


Char Siu Bing $8.90

Marinated char siu pork, Chinese sausage, mustard vegetable, lettuce, carrot, crispy wonton, char siu sauce

Bing Go - Char Siu Bing

Bing Go – Char Siu Bing

The bing is nice and light, the soft crepe enveloping a host of ingredients. The char siu pork is tender, flavoursome and tasty. I also like the Chinese sausage and I’m guessing the mustard vegetable was kind of pickled and tasted nice too. Like last times bing, the presence of the crispy wantons is fantastic. The textual element is really important to a bing in my opinion. The crunch it adds just makes each bite more interesting as all the other ingredients are soft. The char siu sauce ties it all together making each mouthful tasty.

Breakfast Bing $7.90

Bacon, lettuce, barbeque sauce, 2 free-range eggs, crispy wonton

Bing Go - Breakfast Bing

Bing Go – Breakfast Bing

One of my other colleagues had the breakfast bing, which they obviously serve all day round since we were here for lunch. Another of my other colleagues couldn’t go past the Peking duck bing ($9.90) and another had the Yin Yang Bing ($9.90) which comes with slow cooked lamb, coriander, spring onion slices, lettuce, carrot, crispy wonton, sweet sticky sauce. Each enjoyed their bings.


Shanghai Surprise $6.90 – Nutella, banana and crispy wonton pieces

Bing Go - Shanghai Surprise

Bing Go – Shanghai Surprise

I had to have dessert too, so I ordered the Shanghai Surprise. Unlike the breakfast and savoury bings, the sweet bing is two mini bings. Two smaller crepes are made, a spreading of Nutella (could do with more!), a soft banana, more crispy wantons, before being rolled up and then dusted with icing sugar, before the whipped cream is applied (yay! I love cream). Once again, the crunch of the crispy wantons provides a different element, especially in a dessert, making it all the more better. It’s interesting, actually, as each of the elements combines nicely to balance the other out. It is not dominated by the banana, the cream, the chocolatey Nutella, or the crispy wantons. They work in harmony and provide an excellent combination which makes the sweet bing pretty tasty. I rather enjoyed it. Who doesn’t like a good dessert, especially when Nutella is involved!


Bing Go Street Food Review Summary

Verdict: On my second visit to Bing Go Street Food at EnEx 100, I had the char siu pork bing which was really tasty with tender, flavoursome pork, stronger flavours via the Chinese sausage, contrasted against the pickled mustard vegetable, and a delicious sauce to tie it all together. The crepe and all ingredients are soft so the presence of the wantons provide a lovely crunch and textual contrast to each mouthful. The wantons also go perfectly in desserts as in the Shanghai Surprise I ordered. Combined with banana and Nutella, a dusting of icing sugar and whipped cream, it is a rather naughty treat to finish off the meal and left me really full, but very satisfied.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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Bing Go Street Food Restaurant Details
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    Sounds interesting place to have a good dining in Perth. I am really tempted to try the Shanghai Surprise. I am glad that you had a great time relishing beautiful and tasty cuisines at great value.

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