CaffeItalia – 23 Jan 2015

Cuisine: Italian
Location: East Perth, Hay St

I’ve been frequenting East Perth of late, discovering some of the restaurants which are left undiscovered by those in the Perth CBD. Tonight, I headed to CaffeItalia for a quick take away order. Walking in I was immediately greeted by a handshake from the owner possibly, or at least a guy who seemed to be running the show. I decided to get a pizza, pasta, and upon the dessert cabinet catching my eye, a dessert too. One of the ladies at work recommended this place so why not pop by to check it out. It was pretty packed on a Friday night so probably a good thing I was getting takeaway as there didn’t appear to be a spare seat in the room.


Saporita Pizza $24 – mozzarella, hot sausage, capsicum, sliced marinated potato, spices & bruschetta

CaffeItalia - Saporita Pizza

CaffeItalia – Saporita Pizza

I started with the pizza which had started to lose some of it’s crispness with the steam gathering in the box. Nonetheless, the base is very thin and light, gooey stringy mozzarella forming as a slice is attempted to be pulled from the pizza, the mozzarella, like a web, trying to pull it back into the box. The pizza was tasty, lovely soft red capsicum and mozzarella enlightening the tastebuds. There were also largish chunks of spiced potato, of which some of the outside, had gone nice and crispy. I always find potato an interesting addition to pizza and it plays a nice role. However, I prefer the thin sliced version (think Delisio) as opposed to chunks. Either way, the capsicum, mozzarella, and Italian sausage formed a nice partnership in delivering a tasty pizza.


Ravioli ai quattro fromaggi $24 – Spinach & ricotta ravioli in a four cheese sauce

CaffeItalia - Ravioli ai quattro fromaggi

CaffeItalia – Ravioli ai quattro fromaggi

I rather fancy a pasta dish being a big lover of Italian cuisine. There’s just so much variety with each pasty variety and the different sauces create a different experience. There was plenty of neatly made ravioli packed in to the container, surrounded by a thin, creamy tomato sauce. With the four cheeses, this dish could be very rich, or really amazing. I think they went straight down the middle as the ravioli was definitely not rich or cheesy, but the lack of seasoning hurt the dish. Fortunately, a dash of salt and each mouthful becomes a different story. The ravioli is nice and light, the use of ricotta providing this quality, but if the sauce were going to be mild, then one of the cheeses needs to give that salty punch. Neither was the case and the spinach is left to sop up the creamy sauce. Just a few tweaks and this could be an excellent dish, rather than a pretty good tasting dish.


Tiramisu $15

CaffeItalia - Tiramisu

CaffeItalia – Tiramisu

Once you pop open the lid you can either jump for joy, or howl at disappointment. There’s one heck of a lot of tiramisu packed into the container, at a price tag of $15, making it an absolute steal considering a sixth or a fifth of what was served, would get charged in a restaurant. For the health conscious, there may be too much here so find some friends and share. Quantity, but what about quality? There was lots of cream but once you get the lovely soft sponge finger layer soaked in a touch of coffee, the cream and mascarpone serve to give a mouthful of yum. It’s pretty rich so don’t get too greedy, enjoy, and then stop.


CaffeItalia Food Review Summary

Verdict: I stopped by for takeaway at CaffeItalia where I got a pizza, pasta, and a dessert. The saporita pizza had a nice light thin base with plenty of gooey mozzarella cheese, soft juicy capsicum and chunks of spiced potato. A tasty pizza. The spinach and ricotta ravioli in a four cheese sauce presented soft ravioli parcels in a thin tomato cream sauce, but lacked seasoning. A dash of salt lifts the dish but the lack of a salty punch from the cheese makes the dish pretty tasty rather than something more. The tiramisu is light and is very creamy. A huge portion presented allows you to enjoy the sponge coffee soaked fingers which is a lovely finish to the meal. Solid Italian food but could be better.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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