Chez Pierre – 27 Jan 2015

Cuisine: French
Location: Nedlands

It’s been too long since I visited a French restaurant so I decided to visit Chez Pierre after enjoying their cuisine on my last visit there in May 2014.. They generally have a themed set menu where they feature cuisine from a different part of France. Each week the menu offers something different. Aside from that, there’s the al a carte available all week round whereas the set menu is only certain days. On today’s offering they are they featuring food from Nantes, Brittany’s largest town, offering 5 courses for $58.50:

  • Amuse Bouche
  • Vol au Vent Fruits de Mer
  • Sorbet
  • Cote de Veau
  • Ile Flottante

As is typical in Paris, a basket of bread was brought to our table with butter which was cool, but spreadable. After spreading plenty of delicious butter on the bread, taking a bite and really enjoying it, you immediately reach for more. It’s very addictive and while bread can be a bit of a filler, with bread and tasty butter, you really have no excuse but not to indulge.


Butternut Pumpkin Veloute

Chez Pierre - Butternut Pumpkin Veloute

Chez Pierre – Butternut Pumpkin Veloute

First up is an amuse bouche of butternut pumpkin veloute. It’s a very really smooth pumpkin soup, carrying delicious flavour, just warming your palette for what’s to come. The mini tea cups may be small in size but the quantity is packed with flavour. Lovely start to the meal.


Vol au Vent Fruits de Mer

Crispy Home-Made Puff Pastry Filled With Prawns, Fish & Squid Finished With A Creamy Saffron & Garlic Veloute

Chez Pierre - Vol au Vent Fruits de Mer

Chez Pierre – Vol au Vent Fruits de Mer

You had me at pastry. I love pastry and especially puff pastry. And this home-made version was nothing short of superb. Light, golden brown, flaky, holding the most delicious sauce and enjoyed with tasty tender prawns and squid, this was a fantastic dish. Tip – since we’re out in public and I can’t lick the plate, yes this sauce is definitely lickworthy, make use of that delicious bread to sop up all that amazing sauce and it’s another excuse to indulge in more bread.


Apple Sorbet

Chez Pierre - Apple Sorbet

Chez Pierre – Apple Sorbet

I really like to eat sorbets and I’m always intrigued to see what will be served at many fine dining restaurants as a palette cleanser. The apple sorbet is so refreshing, just like eating an apple, but with the refreshing ice coolness to cleanse the palette. Excellent flavour and very enjoyable.


Cote de Veau

Roasted Rib of Veal, Marinated With Thyme & Garlic, Served With Bacon Dauphinoise Potato, Garlic French Beans & A Light Veal Sauce

Chez Pierre - Cote de Veau

Chez Pierre – Cote de Veau

A huge chunk of meat is plonked on the plate, with a pile of green beans and a another little rectangular stack of potato. I can’t say I’ve eaten veal like this but the veal was cooked to perfection. Cutting like butter, soft, tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned, each bite was a joy. But what made the veal even more enjoyable was the absolutely delicious sauce! That’s what I love about French  cuisine is the sauce. And as Manu from MKR complains, “there isn’t enough sauce”, well in this dish there is plenty of sauce and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The green beans are still a bit firm and crunchy and you can detect the butter it was served in. Another element on this plate which just blows your mind is that inconspicuous rectangular stack of potatoes. The top has a lovely crunchy crust which is really yum, but then you cut through the finely sliced potatoes and OMG! What a wonderful soft texture of the most creamy and flavoursome potatoes. Perfectly seasoned with the touch of bacon fat coming through with bits of bacon to enjoy, one could easily eat a plate of it if it weren’t rich. In fact I’m not happy that they could just tease me with that small portion. Something as good as that deserves a larger portion. One of the many highlights of the night.


Ile Flottante

Floating Island, Meringue Floating On Crème Anglaise Drizzled With A Caramel Sauce

Chez Pierre - Floating Island

Chez Pierre – Floating Island

I have eaten this dish once before and was wondering how this dessert would taste. Once served, the presentation was different to what I was expecting. The one I previously had came served on a plate, a lake of crème anglaise with the meringue on top. This version is in a glass with a rich creamy cold crème anglaise filling up a portion of the glass with the soft, fluffy, light as a cloud meringue place carefully on top. With a small drizzle of caramel which had hardened, this gave a different texture to the soft light airy elements. Plunging your spoon into the glass and getting the cloud like meringue with cold rich creamy crème anglaise was the most delightful tasting way to finish off the night. I really admired the lightness of the dessert, especially after eating all that food. A fantastic dessert and end to a fantastic meal.


Chez Pierre Food Review Summary

Verdict: Second visit to Chez Pierre and they just blew me away with superb French cuisine. In a smart tasteful setting with excellent service right from being huided into a parking bay to being taken to your table and served your dishes, the experience is nothing short of excellent. The 5 course set menu proved to be popular and as the restaurant was packed to the brim, everyone seemed to have the same idea, it’s excellent value at this quality. We started off with the butternut pumpkin veloute, a flavour packed smooth pumpkin soup to warm the senses. This was followed by light, flaky, home-made puff pastry encasing a delicious sauce and tender prawns and squid. The bread and butter at the table is also delicious, and excellent for mopping up the delicious sauce. A refreshing ice cool apple flavoured sorbet followed to effectively cleanse the palette. Mains served up a chunk of veal rib, perfectly cooked, seasoned, and tender veal was complimented by a delicious sauce, garlic butter beans, and the most delicious stack of finely sliced potatoes with bacon adding another dimension. A super b dish followed by the floating island dessert. Soft, light, airy, cloud like meringue with a crystallised caramel on top and a cold, creamy, crème anglaise on the bottom of the glass, what a fantastic dessert to end a fantastic meal. I miss Paris but at least I can get something close to it thanks to Chez Pierre.
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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