Eat Drink Perth – Twilight Hawkers Markets – 16 Jan 2015

What: Twilight Hawkers Markets – Perth’s original & biggest Street Food Market
When: every Friday 4:30-9pm, 17 October 2014 till 24 April 2015 (closed on 14 Nov & 19th Dec)
Where: Forrest Place in Perth adjacent to Wellington St and the Murray St Mall
More Info:

I’d worked up an appetite and after leaving work I headed straight to the Twilight Hawkers Markets. I weaved my way through the crowd and surveyed the stalls on offer. The event is so popular that there are so many stalls wanting to participate that the event organisers have stalls set up on a roster.

As I was looking around, I was glad to spot Arepa, a Venezuelan stall that operates at the Fremantle Markets.

Twilight Hakwers Markets 2015: - Arepa

Twilight Hakwers Markets 2015: – Arepa

I’m really into trying Latin American cuisine so I was most pleased to make my way over and see that there was a short queue which grew a lot longer shortly after. On the menu are a few items but I chose an arepa for $10. An arepa is a corn meal muffin stuffed with meat, beans, rice and sauce. For the meat I chose pork infused with chocolate, black beans, an avocado sauce, cheese, and then I added chilli sauce, and then went with a dash of the extra hot green chilli sauce.

The corn maize bun is like a hamburger bun, but much flatter. They make a slit to create a pocket and then proceed to stuff it with the filling. It’s pretty stuffed and then is placed in a container like the chip holders at Maccas. After you munch your way through this creation you realise that it takes a long time to devour and is really filling. The meal is really interesting and delicious. I couldn’t taste any chocolate flavour in the pork, mind you, it won’t be sweet. The gooey cheese and touch of chilli adds to the flavour. I really like it and had to head home after eying off the stalls next door. Too full!

Twilight hawkers markets are open every Friday (except 14th Nov and 19th Dec) till 24 April 2015, so make sure you head down to Forrest Chase between 4:30-9pm to sample some cuisines from various cultures. It’s cash only and remember that these are not necessarily professional kitchens, you might need to have some patience while your meal is prepared, especially if there are long queues, so get in early and enjoy.

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