Koko Black – 22 Jan 2015

Cuisine: Dessert, Chocolatier
Location: Perth CBD – 140 William St (also Claremont location)

Disclosure: Dessert was complimentary

Koko Black have introduced a couple of items to their menu for a limited time. As part of the Summer Oasis range of desserts, the two items are salted caramel iced chocolate and, mango and vanilla ice cream spectacular. I was really lucky to get an invite, and fortunately for me, I only need to cross the road to Koko Black’s salon in the Perth CBD. It was a pretty busy and stressful day at work so a chance to pop out of the office and sate my sweet tooth was just the plan and what better way than to have a cooling dessert during summer.


Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate $8.50

Koko Black - Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate

Koko Black – Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate

The tough choice was which dessert to choose. I had my heart set on the salted caramel iced chocolate so I went with my heart. In a short time my own piece of oasis was brought to my table as I admired the dessert before diving straight in. I took a suck of the straw to be met with a bit of a surprise. Obviously the chocolate used in making the iced chocolate is of a high cocoa quantity (I’m told 52%) which gives a slightly bitter aftertaste to one’s palette which is unexpected. However, this is counteracted by the creamy vanilla ice cream and the sweetness from the flakes of chocolate which remind you of the chocolate bar – flake. The chocolate flakes are perfect, the lovely chocolate sensation it gives leaves you in a happy place. Lastly, the caramel flavour comes through to finish the array of flavours off.

I rather enjoyed the dessert, using the spoon to devour the ice cream and get more of the caramel which starts to float down to the bottom of the glass. There’s quite a bit in the glass which starts to make your throat clasp, so the cold water on hand helps to open things up for more deliciousness. The dessert is pretty filling, but really enjoyable. If you’re getting stuck on the straw, then that means you need to scoop up the delicious chocolate flakes floating on the bottom of the glass. I certainly left very happy, satisfied and far less stressed than when I walked in. Back to work, but powered on a naughty treat. I’ll be eying a time to try the other dessert.


Koko Black Food Review Summary

Verdict: Koko Black’s new Summer Oasis range introduces patrons to two new items – salted caramel iced chocolate and, mango and vanilla ice cream spectacular. Tough choice but I went with the former. The first suck gives a bitter aftertaste, with high cocoa content chocolate used in making the iced hot chocolate. This is counteracted with the creamy vanilla ice cream, sweeter chocolate flakes, and of course, the caramel. It’s a very satisfying and decadent dessert that is also very filling. Probably for the price of a milkshake elsewhere, you can enjoy this piece of oasis in summer. I loved it and was just what I needed.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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