Two Man’s Kitchen – 21 Jan 2015

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: East Perth, Bennett St

Our team had an offsite planning day and so we needed sustenance and headed to Two Man’s Kitchen in East Perth. Two Man’s Kitchen obviously takes its name from the two guys who run this smart but casual Japanese fusion restaurant. We shared the 9 piece salmon sashimi which was delicious in the soy sauce. It’s a nice light way to start a Japanese meal and the lightness and freshness just prepares your palette for what’s to come.

Two Man's Kitchen - Salmon Sashimi

Two Man’s Kitchen – Salmon Sashimi


I had a taste of the ox tongue which I was contemplating on getting. Unfortunately it was overcooked and chewy. The flavours of the dish seemed fine though. We all ordered small serves which come with rice, apart from one colleague who got the large.

Two Man's Kitchen - Ox Tongue

Two Man’s Kitchen – Ox Tongue


One of my other colleagues ordered the tonkatsu which was just like my chicken katsu, only this was pork. I had a taste – a nice crunchy batter surrounding the tender pork. I don’t know what it is about Japanese cuisine, but whenever they deep fry anything, it always comes out perfect, and has a really crunchy batter or crumb. This was no exception.

Two Man's Kitchen - Tonkatsu

Two Man’s Kitchen – Tonkatsu

One of my colleagues had the large serve chicken teriyaki, but I didn’t have a taste. It looked really good though.

Two Man's Kitchen - Chicken Teriyaki

Two Man’s Kitchen – Chicken Teriyaki

My chicken katsu was just like the tonkatsu, a nice and crunchy batter surrounding well cooked chicken. I found the dish, though, was overpowered by the richness of the mayonnaise which detracted from the dish. The shredded cabbage helped to tone done the richness but they need to ease off with the mayo. I ordered the small version and it came with a bowl of steamed rice. With a bit of soy sauce for additional flavour, it makes for a filling meal.

Two Man's Kitchen - Chicken Katsu

Two Man’s Kitchen – Chicken Katsu


Two Man’s Kitchen Food Review Summary

Verdict: Japanese cuisine is characterised by freshness, excellent presentation right down to the knife skills (depending on what you order), and anything deep fried is always golden brown with a crunchy batter or crumbed exterior. Two Man’s Kitchen offers up the lunchtime crowd around East Perth some lovely fare. The salmon sashimi dipped in soy sauce and wasabi is a lovely start to the meal, the light fresh flavours help liven up the palette for the main meal. My chicken katsu was tasty, a golden brown crisp crumb surrounding well cooked chicken. However, while I quite enjoy the mayonnaise that typically accompanies this dish, I found the mayo a bit too rich, not even the blandish cabbage could tone it down enough. Just a bit too creamy for my liking but all in all, a tasty meal which doesn’t hurt the back pocket.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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