What’s Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour? – Geláre Finds Out

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Green Tea, Honey Malt Crunch, Spiced Carrot Cake, Tropical Mango, Naked Coconut, Banana Walnut, Rum & Raisin, Oregon Mint Fudge… the list goes on and on.

As summer temperatures peak, Australians are quickly reaching for colder snacks and one ice-cream retailer has set about to find out the nation’s favourite ice-cream.

An independent survey, carried out by a research panel on behalf Geláre (the popular ice-cream cafés with 17 stores across Australia), questioned a mixed demographic of over 1,200 Australians – 51% male and 49% female – and asked them, what is your favourite ice-cream flavour?

Findings show that although there are numerous variations of flavours available, Australian palates crave a traditional favourite with vanilla topping the poll with 19.8% of participants stating this as their preference. Chocolate came a close second with 17.8% naming it their favourite taste and 16.2% named cookies and cream as the nation’s third favourite.

This mirrors the trend in the USA as vanilla named in a recent study as their most ordered flavour, however opposes UK consumers who, research shows are turning away from more traditional flavours in favour of more experimental tastes.

Australians will be tucking in over the next few weeks as summer evenings top the poll with 38.2% of participants opting for this as their favourite time to indulge, followed by summer weekends with 30.4% of the preference.

Participants were divided in how they like their ice-cream served with 48.3% opting for their ice-cream to be served in a cone and 45.8% preferring the option of a tub.

So, how often do Australians treat themselves to an ice-cream delight? 17.5% indulge weekly, 17.4% twice a month, however, it seems the nation prefers a less regular ice-cream treat with 27.7% of participants topping the poll telling that their ice-cream habit is less often than once a month.

Farid Torabi, founder of Geláre tells, “We often debate internally as to the favourite ice-cream blend in our stores so we set about to find out what the nation’s favourite is. Tastebuds have changed over the years and we find that customers like to experiment with our 25+ different premium ice-cream flavours and three vegan ice-cream options, so it is interesting to see that vanilla is at the top.”

He continues, “Our cafés prove a popular destination for after dinner and post-movie and theatre treats, so I am not surprised to find the evening time the preference for ice-cream.”

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