Bambamboo – 18 Feb 2015

Cuisine: Chinese, Yum Cha
Location: Perth CBD, 140 William St

Bambamboo is the newest addition to one40william which is directly opposite Brotzeit. I headed there early for lunch to avoid the crowds. The ordering process is over engineered.

  • Walk into the store, do an immediate U-turn where you will see a bunch of iPads.
  • Scroll through the menu and select the dishes you want.
  • Enter your mobile number to be alerted to when your food is ready.
  • Turn around and line up again to pay for your order at the counter.

Go find a table or a nearby seat. You’re supposed to get a text message but instead look up at the TV screen on the wall to see the different numbers they’re serving (your number is on the docket). I wasn’t aware of this and waited for a text message till a staff member asked me am I number 23?

Ok, now go back inside to a different counter where I got a bit taken aback by the staff who have clear perspex like visors so they don’t breathe on your food. I haven’t seen this before. Anyway, my two trays were waiting and the waitstaff took one to my table. But before you do that, grab chopsticks, cutlery, a serviette, help yourself to sauces and then go to your table which may have been taken by now. Boy, that was exhausting! I like the iPads but everything else is over the top.

Bam Bam Boo - Char Siew Bao and Panfried Pork Bun

Bam Bam Boo – Char Siew Bao and Panfried Pork Bun

Ok, so onto the food which is what I’m here for. You can pop in here to dine in or takeaway but I decided to get out of the office and enjoy the outdoors under the glass ceiling roof. Dining solo, I can only order so many dishes so I went for the BBQ pork buns (char siew bao) ($4.50), panfried pork buns ($4.50), pork belly ($6.50), and a dessert: pumpkin sago pudding ($4.50).

I started with a few pieces of the pork belly which is super tender and super yum. Can’t fault this dish, absolutely yum. Maybe a little less fat would be good as there’s chunks of fat on the chunks of pork.

I moved on to the pan fried pork buns which are delicious. However, after eating the first one, it needed something. Time for some chilli oil which I heaped over the buns in spades. There’s some real heat but it makes the slightly blandish buns much more flavoursome!

I then moved on to the steamed BBQ pork buns which are really tasty. The bun is a tad sticky and gluey and could be cooked more. The filling inside is really tasty.

After polishing that off, it was on to dessert. The dessert sounds rather unusual but it really works. The pumpkin gives a certain sweet flavour, completely different from the sweet flavour of the pudding with plenty of sago infused into it. It’s a very smooth cooling dish which is slightly on the too sweet side but a lovely finish to the meal.

Bam Bam Boo - Pumpkin Sago Pudding and Pork Belly

Bam Bam Boo – Pumpkin Sago Pudding and Pork Belly


Bambamboo Food Review Summary

Verdict: If you really can’t be bothered walking 5 minutes to Northbridge and picking any number of yum cha restaurants on Roe St and beyond, then pop into Bambamboo for yum cha instead. The ordering process is convoluted and you need to know what dishes and how much you will order upfront, but apart from that, the food is pretty tasty and comparable to what you would get at a yum cha restaurant. I’d still favour going to a yum cha restaurant for the authentic deal and you can also keep ordering till you’re full, but Bambamboo is a solid alternative. I really loved the pork belly and enjoyed the BBQ pork buns, panfried pork buns with heaps of chilli oil, and the pumpkin sago pudding for dessert. Takeaway also available. Great for groups,
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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