Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant – 11 Feb 2015

Cuisine: German
Location: Perth CBD, 140 William St

After my visit last week to Brotzeit Restaurant, I had to return to try some of their other dishes. I managed to easily grab a table before the crowds arrived and flicked through the menu to decide what I should have.

I noticed the dumpling restaurant across from Brotzeit has now opened and on a bright sunny day, you can be inside but outside as the sunlight is let through the glass ceiling but the heat is shielded away from patrons.


Homemade Buttered Spätzle $5.90

 Brotzeit - Homemade Buttered Spätzle

Brotzeit – Homemade Buttered Spätzle

I decided to try the weisswurst, a traditional Bavarian sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon along with parsley. The dish also came with a freshly made pretzel and sweet mustard. I also ordered a side of buttered spatzle. The spatzle was pretty tasty. It’s like the German equivalent of pasta, doused with a touch of butter and finely chopped parsley. I felt it needed a dash of seasoning to bring out the flavour. They do have the cheese spatzle which I would have liked but is available as a main dish rather than a side. When I was in Melbourne, I visited Hofbrauhaus where I had a very rich cheese spatzle which was fabulous. This version isn’t as silky smooth but still enjoyable, and perfect as an accompaniment to sausages.

Weisswurst / Bavarian Sausage with Pretzel & Sweet Mustard $18.50

Brotzeit - Bavarian Sausages, Pretzle, Sweet Mustard

Brotzeit – Bavarian Sausages, Pretzle, Sweet Mustard

As for the sausages, once you take the lid of the pot, a bowl with 3 fat sausages immersed in liquid is revealed. They are super smooth and soft to cut, are flecked with herbs, and taste delicious. I really liked the flavour of these sausages which isn’t strong and meaty, but far subtler. The freshly made warmed pretzel is really delicious. You just break a piece off and apply lots of the sweet mustard which contrasts against the meaty flavours of the sausage. In the middle of the pretzel, you can see salt crystals and when you eat this the salty taste contrasts nicely to the sweetness of the mustard which makes it even better.


Brotzeit Food Review Summary

Verdict: I was back again for another visit to the German restaurant, Brotzeit. On today’s visit I had their traditional Bavarian sausages, weisswurst, which came with a freshly made pretzel and sweet mustard. The herb specked smooth sausages were really delicious, taking on a subtle flavour, but really tasty. I liked the pretzel, especially the salty bits, with the sweet mustard which helped to take the meaty edge off the meal. Also aiding the cause is a side of buttered spatzle (like a German pasta) which was pretty tasty but needed a dash of seasoning. This is another really filling meal which resulted in me eating a very light dinner.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend

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