Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant – 14 Feb 2015

Cuisine: Korean
Location: East Perth, Hay St

Walking through the streets of Perth after seeing the Giants as the opening event of the Perth International Arts Festival, I needed a bite before heading home and stumbled upon Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant. After recently trying an amazing version of bulgogi for the first time at the Twilight Hawkers Markets, I was really keen to have some more and experience some more Korean cuisine.

After being taken to a table, I noticed all tables have the gas burner stove in the middle. A few of the tables within clear view selected items from the menu to cook their own meal. This concept sounds rather unusual and I don’t really get it as one may as well cook at home instead. Raw meats and other ingredients are provided for you to barbecue to your own liking and then eat with the accompanying ingredients. I chose to instead opt for the cooked items on the menu and chose a couple of items:


Seafood Pancake

Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant - Seafood Pancake

Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant – Seafood Pancake

When I ate at The Gaya Applecross they had a few dishes that centred around a pancake. Here, they have a crispy seafood pancake which was an easy decision to order. The pancake is rather large and is full of ingredients like onion, spring onion, carrot, and lots of small prawns. It’s crispy on the outside and comes with a few small dishes containing spicy kimchi, bean sprouts, bean curd, and a slightly sour sauce. The pancake is very tasty, a bit rich, and very enjoyable. The sour sauce is too sour if you apply too much sauce but a bit at a time helps to counteract the richness. It’s really delicious and with the spicy kimchi, adds a bit of heat, the bean sprouts are refreshing and the bean curd, cooling and muted, compared tot he flavours of the pancake. Quite a meal in itself.



Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant - Bulgogi

Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant – Bulgogi

A hot steaming dish of very finely sliced beef with cabbage was presented as the bulgogi. A small metal dish with lid on contained rice. After eating most of the crispy pancake, I couldn’t resist eating some bulgogi. Maybe it’s the novel effect, but the bulgogi wasn’t as tasty as I remembered it. In all fairness this version is very tasty, but a little drier. The one I ate at the hawkers markets had a slight sauce which added moisture and additional flavour, especially to the plain steamed rice. The beef is really cut finely, it’s very tender, and helps take on the flavour of the marinade. With the plain steamed rice, it’s delicious and becomes a very filling meal with the crispy seafood pancake.


Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant Food Review Summary

Verdict: An unassuming restaurant on Hay Street in East Perth, the restaurant filled up fast and several opted to utilise the gas stoves at their table to barbecue the raw ingredients on the menu. I chose the cooked dishes and started with a tasty crispy seafood pancake with condiments of spicy kimchi, bean sprouts, bean curd, and a sour sauce which help to counteract the richness of the pancake. I then had a hot plate of steaming finely sliced beef bulgogi. Tender and very tasty, the bulgogi carries a lovely flavour of the marinade which I enjoyed with steamed rice.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


Bulgogi BBQ Restaurant Details

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