Chez Pierre – 10 Feb 2015

Cuisine: French
Location: Nedlands

The Lyon inspired set menu for this week was enough to send me to Chez Pierre for another visit.The 5 course offering for $59.50 featured:

  • Amuse Bouche
  • Pithivier au boeuf Bourguignon
  • Sorbet
  • Canard Confit
  • Tarte a l’orange

We were brought a basket of bread but I had to hold off as I wasn’t too hungry and it becomes addictive.


Roasted Tomato Veloute

Chez Pierre - Roasted Tomato Veloute

Chez Pierre – Roasted Tomato Veloute

First up is an amuse bouche of roasted tomato veloute. I think I’ve had this before on a prior visit and it didn’t have that hint of acidic kick but the roasted flavour comes through and is a nice little starter.


Pithivier au boeuf Bourguignon

Beef Cheek Pie – slow cooked beef cheek ragout bourguignon style encased in puff pastry, finished with a saffron puree, lardons & a red wine sauce

Chez Pierre - Beef Cheek Pie

Chez Pierre – Beef Cheek Pie

I’m a real fan of beef cheeks and pastry so put them together in a pie and I’m sold! The pastry is firm and crispy, the rich beef cheek succulent. I would have like a little more sauce to go with the beef cheek but it was really delicious. The bits that look like bacon aren’t, they’re lardon, or bits of pork fat which are added to dishes for additional flavour. It’s kind of like a flavoured ham and is quite tasty. The saffron puree adds an additional element to the dish which is lovely.


Lychee Sorbet

 Chez Pierre - Lychee Sorbet

Chez Pierre – Lychee Sorbet

The lychee sorbet was like a burst of freshness, really embodying the flavour of lychee with a lovely chill and smoothness to cleanse the palette and leave you in a happy place.


Canard Confit

Confit Duck Leg served with sautéed kipfler potatoes, shallots & fresh herbs accompanied by broccolini, cherries, & a Madeira sauce

 Chez Pierre - Confit Duck Leg

Chez Pierre – Confit Duck Leg

A nice large piece of darkened brown confit duck lay atop several soft potatoes with a broccolini stem draped over and splashed with sauce. I don’t know what they did to the duck but all I could think once I took a bite was how could they make duck taste so good? Wow, this was a masterpiece. Perfectly cooked duck, succulent, tender, oozing with flavour, perfectly seasoned, and just divine. The sauce is a perfect partner for enhancing the duck too. The soft potatoes with herbs were delicious, and the soft tender broccolini presents a different flavour to that of the meaty duck. Easily the highlight of the night, I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and then was able to enjoy some bread with lots of yummy butter.


Tarte a l’orange

Home baked Valencia Orange tart, served with a mango & mint compote, caramelised sugar orange & fresh whipped cream

 Chez Pierre - Orange Tart

Chez Pierre – Orange Tart

The orange tart was very unassuming. It wasn’t what I expected. The pastry of the tart is lovely while the orange filling is rich, moistened with the whipped cream, and another touch of citrus via the caramelised orange slice. What helps offset the richness is the summer freshness of the mango and mint compote and a touch of tartness from the cherries. These two elements are necessary and compliment the rich tart filling perfectly. It’s just the perfect size and is the perfect way to finish off the meal.


Chez Pierre Food Review Summary

Verdict: Chez Pierre’s Lyon themed menu for the week piqued my interest and had me on the phone in a jiffy. The night started with a lovely roasted tomato veloute followed by rich succulent beef cheek encased in puff pastry. The pie was delicious and the sauce was lovely but I would have liked a little more sauce. After the refreshing lychee sorbet cleansed the inside of my palette, the confit duck leg with sautéed potatoes and broccolini proceeded to blow me away. I can’t fault the duck. Absolutely superb! Flavoursome, perfectly seasoned, oozing with flavour and with the delicious sauce, what a dish. The unassuming orange tart was carefully put together with the refreshing summer mango and mint compote, partnering with the slightly tart cherries to combat the richness of the delicious orange tart with whipped cream. While the prior visit set the bar to a very high standard, today’s dinner didn’t reach the same heights but I was far from disappointed. Another excellent dinner.
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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