Chez Pierre – 17 Feb 2015

Cuisine: French
Location: Nedlands

The Chez Pierre Taste of France set menu for this week featured Bourges. The 5 course offering for $59.50 featured:

  • Amuse Bouche
  • Cochon Confit
  • Sorbet
  • Filet de Boeuf Sauce Roquefort
  • Poire belle Helene

We were brought a basket of bread and I was really hungry so I treated myself to lots of butter with the tasty bread.


Pumpkin Veloute

 Chez Pierre - Pumpkin Veloute

Chez Pierre – Pumpkin Veloute

First up is an amuse bouche of pumpkin veloute. The veloute is smooth and carries a very wintery warming pumpkin flavour and I believe a touch of spice to add additional depth and flavour which makes this even more delicious.


Cochon Confit

Slow braised pork belly – honey & star anise glazed, served with a creamy forest mushroom risotto, caramelised fig & a port sauce

 Chez Pierre - Pork Belly & Risotto

Chez Pierre – Pork Belly & Risotto

I was rather surprised to see risotto on a French dish, however, the execution was perfect. Soft, creamy, and on the rich side with a lovely flavour of the mushrooms coming through, it was a lovely complement to the pork belly. The pork belly was super tender and cut like butter. It was very flavoursome and had a slight honey crust which added a nice touch of sweetness. The caramelised fig also adds additional sweetness. I think a slightly acidic element would have worked better to balance out the richness and sweetness, however, this is a very tasty and enjoyable dish.


Apple Sorbet

 Chez Pierre - Apple Sorbet

Chez Pierre – Apple Sorbet

The apple sorbet is just like eating an apple but with smoothness and a cooling refreshing taste to cleanse the palette of the flavours of the pork belly and risotto.


Filet de Boeuf Sauce Roquefort

Tender Harvey fillet of beef, served with hand-cut chips, zucchini & a rich creamy Roquefort sauce

 Chez Pierre - Fillet of Beef with Roquefort Sauce & Frites

Chez Pierre – Fillet of Beef with Roquefort Sauce & Frites

A large chunk of fillet beef sat atop thickly cut zucchini slices holding the well balanced blue cheese Roquefort sauce. Thickly cut chips or frites were stacked in a neat pile and are super tasty with just the right touch of seasoning. I really can’t stand when any place serves chips that are substandard. Chips are a comfort food and done poorly, just disappoints. These didn’t and it makes one happy, I certainly was! The fillet of beef was tender as anything. Could have been cooked just a tad more for my liking but it cut like butter and was very tasty. It just needed a touch of seasoning and only towards the end did I realise there was indeed a dish of salt crystals. Sprinkling a pinch on the beef enhanced the flavour. The zucchini is thickly cut but is very tender. The sauce to enjoy with the beef is well tempered. The strong blue cheese flavour does not come through, it is muted, but there’s just a touch in the background which also adds to the flavour of the beef. Superb.


Poire belle Helene

Pears poached in a spiced sugar syrup and served with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate syrup & fresh cream

Chez Pierre - Poached Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Sauce

Chez Pierre – Poached Pear with Vanilla Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Sauce

This dish presented like a swan, the tuille representing the head and neck, the vanilla ice cream the body, the poached pear cut and splayed on top of the ice cream representing the feathers, the hot chocolate sauce like the water of a lake as the swan glides effortlessly across. This is an excellent dish. The poached pear is tender and flavoursome, absorbing the flavours of the syrup. The vanilla ice cream is rich, the specks of vanilla clearly present and so delicious. The ice cream sits atop a biscuit base which adds texture and breaks the smoothness of the ice cream and pear. For added crunch, there’s bits of brittle. There’s also whipped cream but as much as I like cream, I thought this element was unnecessary. The chocolate sauce is just enough to enhance the dish as opposed to overpowering it. Who doesn’t like chocolate?


Chez Pierre Food Review Summary

Verdict: Chez Pierre’s Taste of France took me to Bourges where I started with a wintery warming pumpkin veloute with a touch of spice for added depth of flavour. The pork belly was super tender and carried a honey glaze which added a nice sweetness. It sat atop very creamy, mushroom infused, rich risotto which was excellent. After cleansing the palette with the refreshing apple sorbet, a chunk of fillet of beef was presented. Super tender, it combined nicely with the well controlled strong flavours of the Roquefort blue cheese sauce. The thickly cut zucchini slices was well cooked and the thickly cut frites were perfectly seasoned and very enjoyable. Dessert presented a tender poached pear with vanilla flecked ice cream which was rich and creamy. Along with the hot chocolate sauce, it certainly added a yum factor. The biscuit base and brittle added crunch to the dish in contrast to the smooth elements of the pear, ice cream, and whipped cream. Another fine French meal and dining experience.
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Highly Recommend

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