Kung Fu Kitchen – 7 Feb 2015

Cuisine: Chinese
Location: Northbridge, Newcastle St

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been enjoying the stand up comedy events held as part of the Fringe Festival. I particularly enjoy a laugh and what better way to enjoy by seeing live stand up comedy? There’s various kinds of events and performances from arts, theatre, film, cabaret, music, and visual arts amongst others so if you haven’t been, I recommend you check it out.

I had just gone to see a show in Northbridge so after the one hour show, I had built up a hunger and headed to Kung Fu Kitchen, which was recommend to me by one of my colleagues. This place is not your typical Chinese restaurant. The Chinese don’t waste anything and this restaurant serves up spicy dishes, many comprising of the less loved parts of the animal. I’m game so why not try something new? I walked in and was immediately greeted by the waitstaff and taken to a table. It appears you can cook your own food as there appears to be a stove of some type built into the table. I was given a tablet which has pictures of each dish and you just need to tap on a dish you’re interested in, choose the quantity, and then move on to the next dish that takes your fancy. I really liked the concept and the visual appeal allowed you to gain an idea of what the dish looked like. I had asked my colleague for some recommended dishes I should choose, so I went with the following:


Dried Been Curd Stick $5

Kung Fu Kitchen - Dried Been Curd Stick

Kung Fu Kitchen – Dried Been Curd Stick

I noticed that the dishes are quite cheap so I was wondering what the serve would be like. I did ask the waitstaff how many dishes would be enough and they do allow takeaway, for a price. This dish looked rather interesting. It’s cold, but once you wrap your chopsticks around the noodles and it hits your palette, you’ll find them very moorish. You just want to keep eating them and I really liked the noodles. Oh, and the serving is quite generous. You get quite a pile on the plate.


Seaweed Salad $5

Kung Fu Kitchen - Seaweed Salad

Kung Fu Kitchen – Seaweed Salad

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with seaweed salad but the chefs have taken seaweed and made their own noodles. Another cold dish, it has a very distinctive flavour and a slippery kind of texture. The taste of the sea is definitely evident in each mouthful and is quite tasty. However, as I kept eating this throughout the night, I started liking it less and less. I think this is definitely a dish to share, as it has quite an intensity which starts to build up. You can only stomach so much of it and that’s clearly what happened with me. Nonetheless, it’s quite a unique and enjoyable dish.


Beef & Ox Tripe In Chilli Sauce $8

Kung Fu Kitchen - Beef & Ox Tripe In Chilli Sauce

Kung Fu Kitchen – Beef & Ox Tripe In Chilli Sauce

And now for something a bit more adventurous. I’ve eaten a few innards, but never touched tripe. I’ve seen it on the menu, like at dim sim, but never brought myself to try it. This time round, I’m getting beef and ox tripe as my main dish. As you can see, it’s swimming in deep orangey red chilli sauce. Three chillies is the rating. It’s actually not that hot. It doesn’t burn your tongue but catches more in the back of your throat which makes you cough. And sweat. But the sauce is really enjoyable and as for the tripe, it’s very tender and quite like a pice of meat in some places, a little more gelatinous like in others. One thing for sure, it’s a very rich meat. The chilli certainly helps to take some of the edge off and I particularly liked the textual contrast of the slightly softened but crunchy peanuts. The tripe is actually very tasty, but like the seaweed salad, needs to be had in moderation. I did eat this dish all by myself, but it’s another dish you want to share as one can only stomach so much (no pun intended).


Kung Fu Kitchen Food Review Summary

Verdict: Definitely not your typical Chinese restaurant, Kung Fu Kitchen offers pretty spicy food with several dishes themed on the less loved parts of the animal. I rather liked the tablet displaying the menu which gave me control to view each dish and select what I wanted. I chose the dried been curd stick which was a very moorish cold dish that I lapped up and really enjoyed. I also enjoyed the seaweed salad which were noodles made with seaweed containing a taste of the sea but carried a rather intense flavour which built up over time and can only be enjoyed in small portions. The chilli immersed beef and ox tripe served up tender rich meat with the chilli taking some of the edge off the richness. Another dish which should be had in moderation and shared, it’s very tasty and not that hot. Kung Fu Kitchen introduced me to a different style of Chinese cuisine that I haven’t experienced but was very enjoyable.
Price: Bargain
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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