Laundry 43 – 28 Feb 2015

Cuisine: Wine Bar, Modern Australian
Location: Busselton

After visiting the Busselton Jetty and underwater observatory, I had researched a place for lunch and chose Laundry 43. When I walked in I was greeted by the friendly staff and taken to a table. Like many restaurants, they have adopted the share type menu. However, it was the special on the very front of the menu which caught my eye and was what I settled on in the end.


Smoked Wagyu Beef Ravioli
with Wild Mushrooms, Peas, Asaparagus, and Hoegarden Pickled Onions

Laundry 43 - Smoked Wagyu Beef Ravioli

Laundry 43 – Smoked Wagyu Beef Ravioli

After a reasonable wait, I was presented with a beautiful looking dish. It wasn’t exactly what I expected in terms of the ravioli though. I thought I would receive several small parcels of ravioli or a few larger sized ones, but I instead received one big chunky ravioli mound. Cutting in, the first bite clearly contained a smoked flavour of the Wagyu, but there wasn’t very much of it. The filling is more like a quiche consistency. The sourness from the pickling juices are evident and overpower the meaty Wagyu. This was disappointing and so too the lack of Wagyu. Instead, the meaty flavours were present in the delicious sauce spread around the plate with the vegetables. The quality of the produce from the area is clearly evident, carrying lovely flavour and a slight crunch in terms of freshness. The array of vegetables was really delicious.


Laundry 43 Food Review Summary

Verdict: Laundry 43 offers patrons a share plate style menu but one can still dine solo. I ordered the special of the day, the smoked Wagyu beef ravioli. The presentation was excellent and the regional produce exuded flavour and freshness along with the delicious meaty sauce. I wasn’t that impressed with the ravioli filling which had a consistency like quiche and contained less Wagyu beef than I was expecting. The meaty Wagyu flavour was also overpowered by the sourness of the pickling juices of the onions. The ravioli was a lovely consistency and service was very friendly. For the price, I expected a little more and expected to be comfortably full.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Reasonable
Recommendation: Recommend

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