Sushia Izakaya & Bar – 22 Feb 2015

Cuisine: Japanese
Location: Perth CBD, Brookfield Place

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Interior

Sushia Izakaya & Bar – Interior

With all the eating out I’ve been accumulating plenty of points which earned me a $50 voucher from Dimmi so I decided to try Sushia Izakaya & Bar for dinner. After their first restaurant in Sydney, Sushia is the second restaurant located in the basement level of Brookfield Place in the Perth CBD. Sushia offers high end Japanese fine dining with a razor sharp focus on knife skills, precision, and presentation. The inside of the venue is reflective of the Japanese theme with dark wooden tables, sleek black all around, and a tree which looks typically Japanese. To kick the night off, we decided to order a variety of dishes to share:


Sashimi Santenmori (Chef’s Selection) $18

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Sashimi Santenmori (Chef's Selection)

Sushia Izakaya & Bar – Sashimi Santenmori (Chef’s Selection)

Well you can’t visit a Japanese restaurant and not try some sashimi. Raw fish, salmon, and tuna with some wasabi, dipped in soy sauce for some seasoning, and you just get the freshness of the sea with additional taste from the soy and a bit of heat from the wasabi. Too much wasabi and you will have your nostrils cleared out in no time! Sashimi is such a great way to start off the meal, it kind of cleanses the palette in it’s own way.


Assorted Tempura $20

 Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Assorted Tempura

Sushia Izakaya & Bar – Assorted Tempura

I love deep fried food and Japanese cuisine serves up their dishes with a lovely batter so it was a pretty easy choice when it came to tempura – lets get the assorted tempura for variety. The light brown batter in this dish is very light. It’s kind of like crumbs stuck to the deep fried item as opposed to a batter. It had a soft crispness encasing juicy prawns and vegetables which was tasty. I prefer the golden brown thicker batter to the version in this dish, but I still enjoyed the perfectly cooked deep fried items.


Crispy Crab $28

 Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Crispy Crab

Sushia Izakaya & Bar – Crispy Crab

I really like soft shell crab and they did have that available in a salad but I thought I’d go for this dish instead which was a little different to what I was expecting. Several light golden brown batter balls of crab are placed in a bowl with a sauce / soup like element. The sauce has an interesting flavour which complements the deep fried crab balls which just melt in your mouth. Pretty tasty and enjoyable.


Duck Teppanyaki $32

 Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Duck Teppanyaki

Sushia Izakaya & Bar – Duck Teppanyaki

There is a bar to sit overlooking the kitchen and the hot plate in particular which is the ideal position to watch any teppanyaki dish being prepared. However, we were at a table so the whole show was not viewable and instead a plate with a banana leaf is presented with tender succulent slices of duck breast with a flavoursome sauce. In the background is pickled ginger, thinly sliced, and carefully arranged to create the delicate flower. The duck carries a unique flavour of the grill and is really delicious, more so with the sauce. It’s perfectly cooked and succulent, and then you can have some of the pickled ginger to cleanse the palette and aid digestion.


Ebi Jamon ($8)/ Gyutan  ($7) / Tori ($5) Kushiyaki (Skewers)

 Sushia Izakaya & Bar -Ebi Jamo / Gyutan  / Tori Kushiyaki (Skewers)

Sushia Izakaya & Bar -Ebi Jamon / Gyutan / Tori Kushiyaki (Skewers)

The look of skewered meats on the menu looked appealing so I ordered ebi Jamon (prawn and Jamon), gyutan (beef tongue), and tori (balsamic teriyaki chicken). They don’t cost much but are a bit pricey to my mind considering the amount (or lack thereof) that is on the skewers. The prawn and Jamon is really delicious, juicy prawns with crispy Jamon for a salty kick and the creamy Jalapeño sauce is excellent. The tender succulent chicken in balsamic and teriyaki sauces were also excellent. I really fancied the beef tongue so I was glad to order this. The beef tongue was cut really finely like a slice of ham at a deli and skewered with onion. However, there hardly is any meat on the skewer and I would think one would receive more than what was presented. It is a rich meat and what’s more annoying is it’s really tasty so this was disappointing.


Nigiri Moriawase (Chef’s Selection) $18

I was still feeling just a touch hungry and the menu presents a sushi section so the chef’s selection of nigiri sushi was the way to go. This dish has a touch of wasabi which is hiding under that piece of parsley which I only discovered towards the end and more pickled ginger. I like how nigiri sushi takes a piece of fish and it’s carefully shaped like fish but envelops the carefully shaped and packed rice. After a dunk in the soy sauce the sushi goes down well. After eating a variety of little bits and pieces here and there, one starts to get comfortably full which means it’s time for dessert.


Dessert Platter ($42)

Sushia Izakaya & Bar - Dessert Platter

Sushia Izakaya & Bar – Dessert Platter

After looking at the dessert menu I was eyeing off a number of dishes which always makes it a difficult choice. Fortunately, they also offer a dessert platter so why not share a range of desserts and get the opportunity to sample several desserts in the one go? It’s the best of both worlds. Clockwise from the top left is green tea and black sesame varieties of mochi ice cream, chocolate fondant, vanilla sorbet, tofu cheesecake, banana harumaki, chocolate cubes, and mango sorbet. Yes quite a variety and so I tucked in.

The mochi ice cream is really yum, it carries a lovely flavour and has a different texture compared to normal ice cream or even the two sorbets for that matter. The chocolate fondant just oozed thick rich chocolate once broken and is just divine. The vanilla sorbet was rich and creamy and just delicious. The tofu cheesecake which is Sushia’s signature dish, sounded very unusual and not appealing, however, it’s anything but. One bite and it’s just like any other cheesecake but this one is so much better. It’s fantastic carrying a lovely cheesecake flavour with a touch of passionfruit to bring out and balance the rich cream cheese flavour. I was very disappointed I had to share. The banana harumaki was what I was going to order so I got my dish in the end, just in smaller quantity. The use of spring rolls as a dessert was something I first experienced in a restaurant in Bali which was different but they pulled it off. Here, they do the same with crisp spring rolls encasing soft warmed banana with a small dish of passionfruit to add a slight tartness. The chocolate cubes are so yum. They’re melt in your mouth truffles which just ooze chocolate flavour in your mouth. And to finish off, the mango sorbet is just a breath of fresh air. Very summery and really refreshing, the mango flavour just cleanses your palette.


Sushia’s Dessert Menu

Sushia's Dessert Menu

Sushia Food Review Summary

Verdict: Sushi offers high quality Japanese fine dining in a lovely setting with excellent service. I really enjoyed the quality and flavour of the food, but felt that the serving size was not commensurate with the price for several dishes. With the Dimmi $50 voucher, it made the dinner closer to value for money. We started off with the chef’s selection of sashimi which is really delicious with a dab of wasabi and soy sauce to kick the night off. I also enjoyed the assorted tempura but prefer a thicker crunchier batter but the juicy prawns were perfectly cooked and full of flavour. The melt in your mouth light golden brown coloured crab balls mixed in that interesting sauce was also delicious. I also particularly liked the flavour of the grill that was imparted into the succulent duck breast with a flavoursome sauce. We also tried the chicken, prawn and Jamon, and beef tongue skewers which were really delicious with the accompanying sauces. And finally, we had the nigiri sushi to round out the mains. For dessert, the dessert platter offers just about every dessert on the menu in a smaller serve which allows you to try each one. They’re all really delicious with the highlight being Sushia’s signature dish, the tofu cheesecake. The mango sorbet, chocolate cubes, and chocolate fondant also rate a special mention. Delicious.
Price: Expensive
Taste: Delicious
Value: Good
Recommendation: Recommend


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