Bar de Halcyon – 10 Apr 2015

Cuisine: Wine Bar, Tapas
Location: Perth CBD – Wolf Lane

In the Eat Drink Perth passport there are several offers so I headed to Bar de Halcyon where they had paella, 3 tapas, and a glass of Spanish wine for just $39. I did think this was an awfully lot of food so I asked the wait staff for advice and he confirmed it probably was too much food for one (i.e. bring a friend!). I decided to go for the paella and one tapas and see how I go, which turned out to be plenty.


Paella of the Day $15

Bar de Halcyon - Paella

Bar de Halcyon – Paella

The kitchen is quick and in no time I was tucking into the paella. The rice probably needed a little more cooking as some of the grains were a little chalky. They use callaspara rice, a certain and rather pricey rice used especially for making paella. The rice was pretty flavoursome with tender juicy prawns, chicken, and chorizo. A squeeze of lemon adds the required acidity and was pretty enjoyable.


Spanish Crumbed Prawns, Cocktail Sauce, Cucumber Salad $18

Bar de Halcyon - Spanish Crumbed Prawns

Bar de Halcyon – Spanish Crumbed Prawns

For my tapas I ordered Spanish crumbed prawns in cocktail sauce with cucumber salad. There were six golden brown crumbed prawns which were nicely cooked and with a squeeze of lime, even better. Dipping them into the cocktail sauce was pretty tasty. The dish is kind of like a deconstructed prawn cocktail. The cucumber salad was very refreshing. They some how turned the cucumber into noodles. Eating both dishes side by side was enjoyable.


Bar de Halcyon Food Review Summary

Verdict: Wolf Lane plays hosts to several restaurants and bars with Bar de Halcyon being one of them. They offer tapas but also have more substantial dishes too. I ordered the paella which contained a generous quantity for the price and consisted of juicy prawns, chicken, and chorizo. The rice was quite flavoursome though some parts needed a little more cooking. It carries a pretty good flavour though doesn’t seem as authentic as varieties I’ve eaten before. It’s still a tasty meal, especially with a squeeze of lemon. The tapas item of Spanish crumbed prawns was delicious. A lovely golden brown crumb surrounded tender prawns enjoyed more with a dash of lime and a dip into the cocktail sauce. The cucumber salad which appeared like noodles was a refreshing element to the prawns and paella.
Price: Reasonable
Taste: Delicious
Value: Excellent
Recommendation: Recommend


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